About Brooke

Hi! My name is Brooke and I'm a 20 something new mommy who decided to start a blog about discovering her new style.....and all the things that come with that! This blog isn't just about fashion....its about my experiences that have shaped and continue to shape my fashion sense. I hope you enjoy and continue to visit me and doodle and our daily shenanigans!! PS yes, thats me at the top 35 weeks prego...it was a super hot summer! If you'd like to contact me, click here.


  1. Your baby is sooooo adorable!!! Congratulations! I love the picture of your baby in your LV purse - It's something I'd see myself doing when I have a baby, haha.

    Great blog! I'm now following you on Bloglovin' and looking forward to hearing about your journey!


  2. I heard about your blog through Graylee Designs. Super cute blog. Please come check out The Junction Salon & Bar. We're located in downtown Raleigh. We're a full-service salon & full-service bar. Perfect for a mommys night out!!
    Check us out on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TheJunctionSalonBar or email me at sandy@junctionsalon.com We'd love to collaborate with you!

  3. Hi! Found you through the YOLO link up ... I am not a fashion blogger and my own "style" is not very daring at all, but I {weirdly?} love reading fashion blogs and seeing others' inspirations ... maybe one day it'll rub off on me and I'll have more nerve?
    PS - I'm from around the triangle! Living closer to Charlotte now though. New follower! :)

  4. After zeroing in on more of a thrifty fashion blogger blog, I have decided that your 'work' speaks to me. I am as old as dirt and love my red pumps more that lasagne and have ventured into the great BEYOND. My thanks to you. Yup, to you and your fashion/style inspiration that has helped me so.

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