Friday, March 29, 2013

Doodle,The Ladies and Pete

top: man repeller for pjk (available here)//  jeans: stylemint (similar here) // jacket: the limited (old, similar here) // shoes: shoemint (similar here)// bag: rianna phillips // sunnies: prada (available here) // earrings: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman

Happy Friday skrillas, yesterday morning Doodle woke up screaming at 5:00 AM due to some serious teething going on and I knew he was in a lot of pain. Let me precursor this by saying the only time he is snuggly is when he doesn't feel good or is I ran up to the nursery and scooped him up when he wrapped himself around me and buried his head in my shoulder. It was the biggest hug he had ever given me.......I held him so tight I could hear his heart beating. While in our embrace a feeling washed over me, for the FIRST time in my life all of my fears and the mistakes I've made seemed to disappear.

 Sometimes all its takes is the love of your child to remind you how amazing life really that I've gotten all mushy on you I'll finish by saying this is the ensemble I wore to a desperately needed girls night last week with some friends who also remind me of how incredible life is. Pete also does a pretty good job of that (fyi Pete is the flamingo on my tee designed by the Man Repeller) and I love him, that is all :)

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Transition Piece Part Two: The Tweed Jacket

jacket: the limited (old, similar here)//shirt: t by alexander wang (available here)//  jeans: seven for all mankind (similar here)// shoes: shoemint (similar here)// sunnies: ray ban (available here)// jewels: stella & dot

Hello! A couple of weeks ago I did a post on Spring transition pieces and you guys said it was very helpful so I figured I would do another one but this time on the tweed jacket! I love tweed jackets but done in a more modern way.....obviously I love them paired with casual denim. The first look is more flirty and great for going out.....simply put on a slinky tank and fierce heels and you are good to go!!

bodysuit: mmm for hm // jacket: fab'rik (similar here)// jeans: seven for all mankind (similar here)// shoes: valentino (available here)// bag: furla (available here)// sunnies: prada (available here)// necklace: stella & dot
all photos by the amazing molly stillman

Another way to do a tweed jacket is to throw on a pair of casual denim and some interesting but still comfy flats and you are ready to take on the world (or your 19 month old :) ) in style!! Was this helpful? Is there another transition piece you would like to see styled? PS I can't freaking wait for the weather to warm up because Ima be rocking these blazers with short flirty rompers like every day.

Have you guys checked the What2Wear facebook page for Monday's surprise yet?!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

All in the Details

all photos by the amazing molly stillman who i am linked up with today
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Its no surprise that I lurve jewelry......but I have a little surprise for you guys...head over to the What2Wear facebook page to find out what it is :) All of the jewels pictured can be found here 

PS I'm guest posting on Domesticated Working Woman today so be sure to check that out!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Crop It

top: asos (available here)// skirt: target (old, loving this one)// jacket: uo (super old, similar here) // sunnies: prada  (available here)// jewels: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman

Hello friends and happy Friday!!! I'm guest posting over on Domesticated Working Woman on Monday so be sure to head over there on Monday to see the full post on this outfit!!! PS thank you to Gabrielle from Look Sharp Sconnie for featuring me in her "Style Rules" post yesterday.....lurve her! Also, head over to the What2Wear facebook page to see me trying to scale this overpass muhahahahha

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And in case you missed an outfit this week :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fashion Meets Art

tee: designed by allison from a's fashion files// skirt: stylemint (loving this one )// jacket: the limited (old, similar here)// bag: furla (available here) // shoes: valentino (available here)// sunnies: kawaii kistch by a // jewels: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman

There are two kinds of people in the world...those that view fashion as art.....and those that don't.....if you are of the second category you should probably stop reading this and go check the stock market or something...just kidding, but seriously. I know people often claim to "love" fashion but there are few that I've come across that appreciate it in such a way. I'm very honored to be wearing this tee designed by Allison from A's Fashion Files because she is one of those people that shows her love of art and fashion and how they combine on a daily basis. That is all :)

PS do I have the best photographer or what?! Molly is like a pregnant power house!!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Clean and Simple

top: c/o sylvia & luka // jeans: target (old, similar here)// shoes: shoemint (similar here)// sunnies: dolce & gabanna (loving these)// wristlet: stella & dot// watch: michael kors (available here)
photos by the amazing molly stillman who i'm linked up with today

You guys know I lurve my bright colors, prints and pattern mixing but there are those (very) rare mornings that I wake up and crave simplicity. I think there is a fine line between simple and boring.....a simple outfit can be chic if you play with interesting shapes and clean lines (thank you Sheree for teaching me that :).  PS I'm heading to my parents house at the beach today so be sure to follow mine and Doodle's seaside shenanigans on instagram :)