Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What2Drink: The Bean of Dreams

top: the limited (old)// skirt: missoni for target// shoes: free people (old)// sunnies: ray ban// bag: louis vuitton// jewelry: stella&dot

Ya know, you can read all of the parenting books and scour through the baby websites and have everyone tell you how motherhood is going to be....BUT THAT DOES NOT PREPARE YOU. My sweet doodle bug, who will be 11 months old tomorrow, is still not sleeping through the facto...I am still not sleeping through the night. In comes the coffee. When I was younger the ONLY time I drank coffee was around exam time but now if you come anywhere near me in the morning before I have some coffee I would get yourself a suit of armor and I don't mean a cheap replica from today's time, I mean the midevil like jousting armor because I'm a lot stronger than I look! If it wasn't for coffee I seriously don't know how I would make it through the day...between taking care of princess Wrigley (and no I did not get her to pose for those pictures, she literally thinks she is royalty) and doodle and the housework and yada yada yada....let's just say that I seriously think that coffee beans were put on this earth to help mothers get through the day!!!!

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  1. brooke you are such a great mom! and i LOVE that skirt, btw :)

  2. I can relate with the coffee thing. :) Your kids are so cute!

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  3. Love your skirt, you look beautiful! Your boy is SO adorable!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. Your son is too cute and I love your skirt!


  5. love your skirt!
    your baby is so sweet :)

  6. I love that skirt and your son is so cute!


  7. love how you styled the skirt, its very cool & inspiring...Your son looks so adorable..I guess there are some things you'll have to learn on your own, I've heard how crazy it is if your child doesnt sleep through the night-wish you the best!

  8. OMG I can't handle the day without coffee either AND I get at least 8 hours of sleep! I have no clue what I will do once a baby comes a starbucks in my house????? Love the Missoni skirt on you! I had the same one but I ended up taking it back because I just couldn't work it...But you totally can!

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  9. cute skirt, adorable baby:)

  10. Hi! love your blog! [:-)] I hope we can follow each other's blog [:-)] Will wait for your reply [:-)]

  11. I love that skirt! By the way, my nephew saw me reading your blog and asked who the baby was. I told him that the baby's name was Doodle. My nephew then said... "Oh, Doodle is a cute baby!"