Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thoughts.....on Clothing and Adulthood

sweatshirt & vest: stylemint // jeans: rag & bone (similar here )// boots: diy (similar here )// sunnies: ray ban (available here )// bag: louis vuitton (via saks) // jewels: stella & dot 

Let me start by saying this post was brought on by a comment I recently read on Facebook (which is ironic because for the most part everything on facebook annoys me...including said comment).

 It was a girl saying something to the effect of "why do girls care whether or not other girls wear SKIMPY COSTUMES on halloween" and "the only girls who complain about this are the ones who DON'T LOOK GOOD in skimpy costumes, they are just jealous", how trite and cliche right?.............Usually I would have just gone about my day but now I'm all fired up.....To the first part: you are correct, I am so thankful that my life involves so much more than caring about what you choose to clothe yourself the second part: you are 100% FALSE!!!!!!

Now, I'm coming from a place of newfound wisdom on this issue.....I'm not "hating" on you because I'm jealous that you look better in a skimpy costume than me, its quite the opposite in fact. I can pretty much GUARANTEE you that I feel just as SEXY in a sweatshirt, flannel vest and jeans as you do in your bra and underwear that you refer to as a "costume".

I don't know, maybe its from motherhood or just GROWING UP that I feel this way because I'm not like a staunch feminist (although I am a huge advocate for women's rights) but I would like to point out that I love my body....I actually am way more comfortable in my own skin after I had my son than I was in high school or college....HOWEVER.....I RESPECT myself enough to know that I don't have to show 90% of my skin/ cleavage/ butt cheeks to get the attention I deserve.

Like I said, this is not me trying to offend anyone or call them really doesn't matter to me what you wear (I'm more concerned with doodle's outfits).... and lord knows I've had my questionable fashion choices (we all have). But think twice before you go around saying that the only people that complain about you looking like a SKANKBAG are the ones who are jealous of your body....maybe once you enter ADULTHOOD you will have a different perspective. Or maybe you won't , geez louise there are still several "Real Housewives"that have yet to be enlightened on this issue!!!!!

What are YOUR thoughts on CLOTHING and ADULTHOOD....have you learned anything about how you perceive yourself? I hope so......because you are AWESOME :)

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And for the necklace du jour......The Stella & Dot Lillith Fringe


  1. This might be my favorite outfit of yours yet Brooke (and bravo on the whole post!)<3


  2. You look perfect. I think, it's now my favorite outfit out of all yours, and I definitely need a vest like that in my life.

  3. Amen girlfrannnnn! I am very comfortable in my own skin, but would never go around Halloween or any other day with half my goodies on display. It's just not for me. Also, I don't judge those that do it - as you said, I'm more concerned with what I am wearing, what I'm putting on my table, and the legacy I'm leaving in this world to argue with others about what they should/should not be wearing.

  4. Oh, this must be the perfect outfit for cold days. You look gorgeous in it! xx

    - Victoria

  5. could not agree more! love this post – both this outfit and what you wrote about. I definitely think the way i view myself and what is sexy has evolved as i've gotten older... thank goodness!

    Sea and Swank

  6. I wear what I wanna wear!;)

  7. 1. I want that necklace.
    2. Facebook is very annoying at times.
    3. Favorite look of all time!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  8. Oh Brooke! Gotta love your blog. Some people just don't know the definition of sexy, they need to understand that you can really look sexy in a three piece pant suit. Who cares what they wear, saying stuffs like that just sounds like "self esteem" issues.

    That said, love this effortlessly-chic look, the layering is awesome. The boots are GORGEOUS!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. My gosh. Your blog is such perfection. I completely agree. Flannel not only makes me feel sexy too, but your'e completely right about the whole Halloween thing> She's likely just feeling self conscious about logic-minded people taking issue with her risky attire.

    That being said, you are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT> Seriously. This is really bad to say, but sometimes I actually avoid coming to your blog because I get so . insanely. jealous because you kill it every. single. time. This flannel vest is literally the best thing I've seen in weeks, and that necklace is out of control. The fact that you pair this chandelier-esque necklace with FLANNEL is like......AHH. I know, I have a way with words.

    But in all honestly, I really am obsessed with you.
    Weirdly so.


  10. Very cute!

    xo Jennifer

  11. You always look so beautiful and stylish! I love the beanie and those booties are so cool!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  12. girl. you know how i feel about this. all of it. and this, is yet again, why we are friends. LOVEYOU!

  13. Love the look. Gorgeous as always

  14. You look so cute!!

    xo Jennifer

  15. shut up you are TOO CUTE! omg im obsessed with your booties and this look :) adore! Hugs from California! xx,
    The Golden Girls