Friday, July 25, 2014

Insta Outfit and Recipe Time

Finally got to try my hand and a Wine & Design class this past Wednesday and I have to say I'm addicted!!! Ps don't you lurve my friend Charlee's leopard skirt? And now it's time for the first recipe.... 

Lemon Basil & Balsamic Chickpeas

I'm going to start the recipe section with this super simple dish that is a great side for meat lovers but also a great main dish for vegans/vegetarians.

You Will Need: 

1 can of chickpeas 
Balsamic Vinegar
Crushed red pepper
Fresh Basil
1 lemon 
(A zester, but the small part of a cheese grater will)

Rinse and drain chickpeas in a strainer. Using a medium saucepan with cooking spray toss in the chickpeas over medium heat. Add salt, pepper and crushed red pepper and stir. Let that simmer for about 3 minutes then add some fresh chopped Basil and stir. Next, add about half a cup of balsamic vinegar and let it reduce by half. When it's time to serve zest about half of the lemon over your bowl and top with a lemon wedge and more fresh basil, and enjoy!!  

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