Sunday, December 14, 2014

Love Your Enemy

sweater: via Jame's Clothing Boutique (similar here) // leggings: via Jame's Clothing Boutique (similar here) // parka h&m (available here) // shoes: shoemint (similar here)
photos by common dove photography

So far I've been pretty open with the range of emotions that come along with going through a divorce…and I'm not going to stop now because it feels good to get it out there and because of the massive amount of love and support you guys have shown me over the last couple of months. 

Lately I've become tired of giving away pieces of myself. I'm not one of those people who has become jaded or bitter about love and marriage…… its just terrifying putting yourself out there again. The last several years have turned me into an "all or nothing" kind of person….if I'm going to do something its going to be with my whole heart…no matter what it is. 

I'm learning that fear and loneliness are tough but most of the time YOU are your own worst enemy. Self doubt, insecurities and feelings of never finding someone who can fully love you for EVERYTHING that you are can eat away at you……. However, sometimes, in the most unexpected places….around some of the most unexpected people, you find yourself letting go of everything that has held you back. And even though being vulnerable is scary as hell... sometimes you just have to get out of your own way and take risks on those people (or one certain person) that haven't given up on you.

"And God said 'Love Your Enemy,' and I obeyed him and loved myself." 


  1. Great look dear, have fun :)

  2. Gorgeous look and love your pants.

    Mad For Fashion For Less
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  3. Hmmm... it takes a lot of guts to even share your inner most thoughts and feelings about the whole thing with the world -That my dear, is strength and i give you a lot of credit for that. I am sure you already know -Change is growth. You are there. Good for you!

    Sure it is a thin line between love and the other, but you chose what is right. Right for you and for the sake of peace onwards. You are not forgotten my dear. You will find out that there is someone out there who loves you more than you could ever imagine. Just let it happen organically and focus on you. Find happiness first and the rest is icing on the cake :).

    How in the world did i even get so talkative? By the way, awesome shots. You look great.

  4. Absolutely agree. We are our own worst critiques and enemies. I have poured my soul out, plenty of times, many times I have been hurt and this made me want to become cold, like a machine, without all those feelings that mess me up. But after a long time I came to the conclusion that this is the part of me that makes me human. I am not a robot, but a human who is not perfect, who makes mistakes and who can get hurt, can fall in love, can be happy and this is part of life.
    I'm so happy you share your personal stories on the blog, because it helps other people too, and it helps to see the person behind the whole fashion blog.

  5. So lovely! I love your fun laugh and poses. You seem to be conquering those down days, you go girl! Rachel xo