Sunday, May 3, 2015

You and the Moon and Neptune

romper via james clothing boutique
photos by common dove photography

"I think the universe is on my side 
Heaven and earth have finally aligned,
Days are good and that's the way it should be....
You sprinkle stardust on my pillow case
It's like a moonbeam brushed across my face
Nights are good and that's the way it should be.....
And I see colors in a different way,
You make what doesn't matter fade to gray,
Life is good and that's the way it should be.....
Did you see that shooting star tonight?
Were you dazzled by the same constellation? 
Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me, 
I think you and the moon and Neptune got it right....cuz now I'm shining bright"✨


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  2. Great post I love the romper

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  4. Love that song! And I love your gorgeous romper!

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