Thursday, May 24, 2012

What2Read: Inspiration from Kendi Everyday

top: h&m// jeans:target// bag: dsw// shoes: shoemint/// sunnies: versace// jewelry: jewelmint, the limited, tiffany & co, michael kors, target,  hallelu
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One of the first blogs I ever started reading was Kendi Everyday. With her wity remarks and effortlessly cool style Kendi has been at the top of my reading list since the first day I came across her little slice of the blogosphere. When I saw these pants on her a couple of months ago I swooned over them....and last week I just so happened to be walking by the sale section of Target and there they were...I figured there was no way they had my size left....but there they were.....on sale for $12....................what, what?! So I grabbed them and skipped merrily to the checkout, well, as merrily as you can skip while pushing a stroller!

PS certain things have been said that have led me to a little rant today so here goes: 1. if I'm "following" you its because I'm interested in seeing how you put things together or what you have to say, not because I "need" you to follow me (although I am super grateful for those of you who  take the time to read my blog and that follow me :) ) 2. if one more person tells me that I "need" to "follow" them or that I "need" to leave comments on their blog I'm going to let out 9 months of sleep deprivation on them, when did everyone become so OBSESSED with how many followers they had?  3. I know my pictures aren't that clear and I don't have a nice the last year I have gotten married, bought a house AND had a baby....that all trumps getting to buy a new nikon, I can't apologize for that and lastly 4. I edit my pictures a certain way and sometimes you can't always see all the details of my outfit so well, this blog is more of my photojournalistic diary of what I'm up to because my friends and family read it and they like to know (and I love and miss them all dearly). That's it, please don't take this as me bashing the blogging community, there are so many wonderful people in it and I can't explain how much this little spit up covered blog has gotten and I really do appreciate it. I'm just me trying to figure out my new mommy style......and I'm going to keep doing me


  1. amen, girl! 1) you are beautiful and you look FABULOUS and 2) good for you for saying something. this is about YOU and what makes YOU happy - not what you THINK you need or THINK you need to do to make others happy. and i love your style!! keep it up, girl!

  2. ahhhhh your hair looks lovely!

    Gonna visit your blog soon again.

    xx Fesi

  3. SO well said! No complaints here, girl! Keep doing what you do!
    And you look fabulous!

  4. first of all i love the pants with the shoes, i eyed up the pants at Target as well but didn't end up purchasing :( second i totally agree with your last section! blogging is a wonderful way to have a creative outlet and that is what it should be! not a competition! it is great to have people interested in what you are saying/doing but i can relate in that blogging is a personal outlet for me and if other people like it then that is the mondo cherry on top!


  5. Hey Girly! I love the mix of patterns... Love! Also, thanks for the Liebster award... you rock! As for followers... I want people to follow if they have genuine interest in my life and the things I share... few loyal followers who actually care are way better than hundreds of followers that don't even pay attention.

    p.s. I like your pictures so keep at it!


  6. Amen, girl! I'm pretty sure we would be best friends in real life. :) I love Kendi and have been reading her for years - she was my first foray into the blogger world. I also get so annoyed by people who are like "follow me back follow me back..." I'll follow you if I like you. The blog should be for you and when it comes to followers, it's about quality rather than quantity.

    I love your blog, your style and your attitude. I look forward to all of your posts so keep doing your thing!


  7. I like your blog as it is, it expresses you! That is the important thing to me!
    BTW i love your hair like that!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  8. OK, seriously- those pants are amazing!! And $12??? I need to go to Target, now. Too bad I'm at work. Maybe after? But really, I saw them awhile ago but for some reason, when it comes to target, I am super cheap, which is so funny because I'll shell out loads of money for things at other places but I thought these pants were too expensive for target. But I love them and for $12 they are such a steal. And you look so amazing. And your hair is fabulous!!! I wish I could do that do mine. AND...finally, love your rant!! Love your photos, and love everything about you. :)


  9. You look adorable hon ! And i can't believe the price of those pants !
    That's what i call an amazing bargain ! kisses xx
    Andrea -

  10. Gotta love good bargains - $12! Love love love your necklace.
    What you said is so true, we have read the most ridiculous things ever - most times its very annoying, and other times we just laugh about it. Like you said, its "your" blog and you should do "you". Definitely following.


  11. bold and fun ideas for this season.

  12. Really chic look, I like how you created contrast by pair two toned colors top with printed jean.

  13. You look so pretty! Love the entire outfit! xo

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