Friday, February 15, 2013

What I Would Wear- New York Fashion Week, Day 3

jacket: forenza (available here ps its 40% off today!)// sweater: the limited (old, similar here)// pants: diy (similar here)// shoes: shoemint (loving these )// bag: stella & dot // sunnies: ray ban (available here)
photos by the amazing molly stillman

You guys, the more my style evolves the more my super annoying quirks tend to appear.....I have this "thing" about owning something that everyone else has and when I say "thing" I mean I LOATHE having an item of clothing that someone else does. There are certain basics that you run to the mall for that obviously tons of people have BUT I'm about done with all of the same CRAP floating around on the blogosphere these days. Lately I've been really into DIYing pretty much everything I own and seeking out unique vintage pieces that I know no one else will have. What you choose to clothe yourself in expresses to the world who you are....and I am NOT like anyone else so why would I want to dress like it? Sidenote- this was kind of brought on by the Prabal Gurung for Target collab.... I was absolutely blown away and in love with the collection but on principle I couldn't buy any of it because I knew it would be EVERYWHERE!!

PS I'm featured and linked up on The Mrs. & The Momma today so be sure to check that out!!!

And in case you missed something this week :)


  1. Me encantan los tres looks.

  2. funny..I am not kidding when I say this..I was all excited before it came out and then I was like "wait everyone is going to be wearing these pieces..that's kinda lame" and I got NOTHING..ha..ha! Honestly from what I saw 4 days after it hit stores I was not impressed anyway..felt cheap. On the same page again my friend..I wish you could come over and I could show you all the vintage goodies I got yesterday that I am SUPER excited about..but alas,you can' hoo ;(
    Have a great one Brooke!
    Sheree xxx

  3. Those pants and that jacket are SO fabulous! And I kind of feel the same way about the PG collection for Target...kinda stinks!

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. I love the PG collection! I will probably still get a piece or two if it's floating on the clearance racks.

    I do agree, however. I've been thrifting more and more to find those *key* pieces.

    Although, I do believe that even if you own the same item as someone else, you pull it off totally different.

    Not everyone has the balls.


    Or just doesn't know how.

    You look phenomenal, as always!
    And I love the little, tiny middrift your showing ;)
    A dash of sexy, if I say so myself. ;)

    I'm always intrigued by your posts.
    Can't wait to see what you wear next!

    1. "I do believe that even if you own the same item as someone else, you pull it off totally different."


      No one should feel they have to restrict themselves based on what others are doing/wearing. At some point, everyone wears the same thing someone else is. Plenty of us buy what we see on our favorite style blogs after seeing it on someone else. When Jason Wu for Target came out I was afraid it'd be everywhere, but I have still never run into anyone wearing the same pieces.

    2. like I said, its an annoying quirk that I have ....its pretty much how ive been my whole life. my point is I just want to push you guys to go out of your comfort zone.......the point of this post was to tell everyone to be themselves!!

    3. You're right girl, and I love love love your style, you are an amazing inspiration!! I'm kind of hoping you start a linky / blog hop one day where you challenge everyone to wear something they might have never worn before!

  5. Bellissima! <3 ti aspetto da me per un post dedicato al Sanremo xoxo Donny di

  6. that's definitely a great outfit for fashion week!! :D

  7. This jacket is amazing. I love all the bright colors in this outfit! Gorgeous!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Girl, when did you do that awesome pink ombre? I'm so out of the loop!

  9. I like the style of first outfit

  10. Love your jeans!!!

  11. LOVE that jacket!! so awesome. and totally loved your v-day outfit and that black maxie... aahh cute! and those sunnies.... girl you are one great dresser ;)

  12. Brooke you look superfabulous!! I love that gorgeous jacket!! And I also adore those pants!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  13. GURL, you know I am feelin you on this! ABSOLUTELY to each their own, and everyone does add their own dose of swag to to whatever they are wearing. Personally, I have the same pet peeve as you. I want to have a REALLY personal aesthetic, so I turn to vintage/thrifting because I feel that it offers me truly unique pieces to work with. (Also cuz I'm cheap, HEHE.) I have also found that I can no longer deal with the lack of quality of in mass produced fashions that I can afford. UGH...the fabrics are just NOT what they used to be! Love ya mama, keep it up. OH PS- This outfit is my fave NYFW one! I am such a sucker for pink and I lobe these pants. Also looooove how you've flashed us some abs with the strategically undone button. SEXI!


    1. OH PPS- I have more to say ;) I LOOOVE vintage shopping with other people because it's not like there are certain items that everyone gravitates toward. Each person will always leave with really unique treasures. Like sometimes Chels will find something and it's like, "OK, I NEVER would have thought to pick that up but I like your vision!" So much fun!

  14. Wow! Your sense of style is soo cool :)

  15. Wow, You're so cool! Amazing look! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, now I follow you via fb and bloglovin, hope you'll do the same! Kisses, Lucy

  16. So in love with those pants! Your diy skills are incredible. I totally understand what you mean about wearing the same thing as everyone else. I have a lot less qualms with it these days compared to my younger years. I guess the thing is whatever you choose to wear, make it your own and rock it. I do love the thrill of finding one off pieces that nobody else has. Really loving this series..

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

  17. Cool!!! XOXO. Love the jacket

  18. Love your pink tips and the jacket in the first outfit is SICK! Love your blog now following.

    Stiletto Beats

  19. omg!! u definitely have amazing collection of pants!! And that jacket goes so great with ur RAD diy pants


  20. you look unbelievable!! this jacket is magnificent, I want to have it now haha


  21. Quirk is good and you are one of the most stylish bloggers in my opinion. I love that DIY jeans and the blazer, dress combo.. super hot look! I am a HUGE fan!

    Check out my snapshots from Seychelles!

  22. I absolutely love the recent collab, particularly the peplum top and blazer. I'm like you though - you're rubbing off on me though - I'm afraid everyone will have it. I want to stand out in my own way so I've started appreciating boutiques more and more. I had several things in my hands at Old Navy the other day and put them back because I just knew everyone would have them. However, that peplum is still calling my name and since that is out of my comfort zone, don't be surprised if you see me rocking it. ;o) Love ya girl!

  23. you look gourgeos,love your jeans so much

  24. Loving the jacket so much! And the pants! Ah-mazing!


  25. That bomber rocksssssssss. Great looks ;)


  26. Love your colorful jacket. And you tie dyed trousers are also awesome!!!
    Do stop by my blog sometime dear!!! :)

  27. you look super great & this bag is amazing ! , love it

    Am following you with GFC ,


  28. OMG, your style is amazing! You look great! Real inspiration!

  29. Great look, you're incredible in mixing pieces ! you reminds me of Sea of Shoes at the early beginnings !

    Elegantesque Blog

  30. Hi there! I love your blog...what a stylish mommy you are! Let's follow each other! <3

  31. your first outfit is amazing. you are never scare to mix and match prints and you always get it right :)
    Hope you are having a happy Sunday.
    ** Style Id Net **
    ** Style Id Net on Twitter**

  32. love your pink locks!


  33. Hi Brooke! Your pants and jacket are amazing! Such vivid bright colours - what a statement outfit - love it!

    Zoe xxx

  34. how did i not already comment on this?! GAH! fail! GORGEOUS!

  35. I feel the same way about the Target collabs. I love the pieces but feel like everyone goes out and buys them. At the same time I feel like style and creativity don't necessarily have to do with what pieces of clothing you have but how you wear/style them. I actually think that shows a very creative style - having a shirt/blouse/pants etc. that everyone has but styling it in a totally new way.
    I do love those DIY pants!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  36. Don't be bummed about the cold weather! It's so hot here in Melbourne and I can't wait to layer up! I just love dressing for cold weather because of the textures and layers and colours! Your outfits for fashion week are killer! I'd totally wear the black jumpsuit! Love this concept and keep rocking it pretty girl!!
    Xx Linda Chai

  37. This is one of my favorites!!! I love it so much, it's the photo I have on my blog that links to yours now :) Keep killing it Brooke!