Thursday, May 29, 2014

Love & Light

shirt: madewell (similar here) // shorts: zara (similar here) //jacket: old, loving this one // shoes: birkenstock (available here) // sunnies: prada (here) // backpack: vintage chanel
This past weekend while everyone was outside at the beach or the lake I was inside cleaning my house… I don't say this to complain….it was actually rather cathartic. While in the midst of cleaning I realized that we didn't need about 75% of the stuff in our house… I either donated it or tossed it…yes, friends that includes items of clothing. A funny thing happened after I was sitting in the middle of my barren bedroom…..I honestly felt like I had more items even after getting rid of so much. I had streamlined into only pieces and things that I truly love.

After the purging I came to another realization….I never really liked the way our house was decorated. I was 8 months pregnant when we bought our townhouse and really just wanted to move in and make it look like a home….which it has for the past 3 years….but it wasn't me. So thennnn I headed off to the flea market at the State Fair grounds where I found some pieces that really stood out. Its amazing how much a change of scenery can change your mood. I feel so happy and at peace in our home which hasn't happened in a longgggg time. I feel centered and free of clutter both physically and metaphorically. Now I'm ready to let in the love and light. PS this was the outfit I was wearing during the cleaning and flea market adventures…..comfy and practical but still me…..just like our new decor :)


  1. How often is the flea market at the fairgrounds? I'm thinking that might be a mommy and me trip in the next few weekends while daddy is away.