Friday, June 6, 2014

Giraffes Can't Dance….A Thank You to My Friends

Last weekend I tossed on my favorite silk tunic…threw on a jacket and some gladiators and grabbed a weekender. In that bag I tossed in one denim skirt, one bathing suit and two pairs of shoes. While sitting on the beach on Saturday with a friend I had dearly missed I had some time to think……

One of Doodle's books has been weighing on me heavily lately…its called Giraffes Can't Dance. To make a long story short its about Gerald the giraffe who lives in the jungle and all of the other animals make fun of him because he can't dance. One day he stumbles upon a cricket who tells him he just needs different music and plays his violin for him. Suddenly Gerald can dance and all of the other animals are curious about his new talent. He simply tells them "We all can dance, when we find music that we love."

For those of you that know me you are aware that I've never really "fit in" anywhere that I have lived….and that used to bother me…..until recently. Its taken almost 26 years but I've learned that when I'm around the people that love me be it family, friends from home, people from college and girls I've met in my current home…..I feel like the best damn "dancer" on the planet so thank you for that and for loving me for being an awkward giraffe that can't dance.

PS I'll be showing 3 different ways to wear a silk tunic next week….your closet will thank me.


  1. Funny I have always felt the same way...and I am just turning 44 - but I have learned to be grateful for the way I am, not fitting in at all, because those who love me, really love me, just as I am

  2. Me Too!! It is so freeing when you realize how special you are how perfectly you fit in. Lee Ann Miller

  3. fab shoes :) great pics :)