Sunday, January 18, 2015


This past week my internet has been on the fritz and last night while out of town my cell phone died and wouldn't charge to save it's life.... I officially went off the grid.... And you know what, it felt great. 

In fact, lately I've been craving going off the grid completely. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful for the advancements  technology has given us over the years, this blog would not even be possible without it......... It's just that, every day when I'm out sitting on the dock alone while my son is at school I stare across the water into the sound and can't help but think that, with the exception of the changing channels and different greenery, it's the same view that people for hundreds of years have stared at. The same, unscathed scene of the land ending and the water begininng.... No buildings, no roads, no cell phones, no social media...... Just the land and sea and the same breeze that has been enjoyed generation after generation. I crave a different era..... One untouched by time. And it feels like it's a duty for everyone who lives in this area to keep it as magical as it is..... And maybe go off the grid every now and then to just enjoy life.

Photos by Common Dove Photography
Outfit by Jame's Clothing Boutique 
Clutch from AB Surf Shop 
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