Sunday, February 19, 2012

Insert Foot In Mouth

sweater & shoes: old navy// skirt: vest: subtle luxuries // belt,tights & scarf: the limited

Well I really put my foot in my mouth this time, silly me prancing around yesterday chatting about Spring and warm weather...its flippin freazing here and supposed to snow tonight. I'm not too upset though because I still have a couple of items in my closet that deserve to be worn before the season is over like this amahhzing white faux fur vest. My husband told me I looked like Little Bo Peep and/or one of the sheep she was herding ....and you know what...I'll take it! Sorry you can't really see my outfit but it was pouring and the wind was blowing like crazy soooo there it is. I hope I see you guys back here tomorrow :)

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