Wednesday, February 22, 2012


dress: aryn k// trench: the limited// shoes & bag: marc by marc jacobs// sunglasses: ray ban// jewelry: tiffany & co, via nerolli, diy, michael kors

Ok, those of who you know me probably start laughing when you think of me as a housewife and mother, its still pretty funny to me when I think about it. My days are now spent cooking and cleaning and taking care of a doodle man ALL DAY LONG. Now I don't mind this, not at all, BUT after I just got done cooking dinner for an hour and I go upstairs to grab something and when I come down half of the chicken we were supposed to eat is missing and our dog Wrigley is licking her lips I get a little pissed off, ok, I get a lot pissed off. But I'm trying to put it in perspective because at least we still have food to eat and I was really loving my outfit today! PS I made the middle necklace I'm wearing with the inspiration from girl is awesome!! I hope you guys didn't have your dog eat your dinner :)


  1. Hey girl, absolutely love this necklace, u are so talented, where did u get the chains from? I've been looking around but i couldn't find this lovely chunky chains yet, could u recommend me where to buy them? thanks

    1. Thank you so much! I got the chains from Micheals craft store in the jewelry making section. Good luck :))