Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mommy's Valentine

Sorry about my absence for the past couple of days...I've been under the weather and sporting leggings and oversize sweaters with a runny nose and handfuls of tissues...and since I can't take the day off from being a mommy I've had to take a couple days off from being a blogger. Since my outfit wasn't blog worthy today I figured I'd show you doodle man's because he was looking rather dapper in his V-day outfit. Anywho, I'm trying to win a leather bag from the fabulous Stacey at devorelebeaumonstre and The Leather Satchel Co and its the last day to enter, the link is below, wish me luck! Hope you are having a good Valentine's Day, I know my two men made mine perfect!


  1. ok...they literally have this exact same bag at Target right now! For like $30!! If you don't win this one you should definitely check it out...I love it too, I almost bought it but I really needed a backpack so I bought one of their cute backpacks instead...

  2. Thank you Leah! I never win anything so I'll probably be heading to Target soon, it's ridiculous how awesome their stuff is, hope you are doing well!