Monday, November 18, 2013

"From Then On, Everywhere I Went, I…Was…RUNNING!"

shirt: madewell (available here) // jeans: 7fam (similar here) // jacket: gap (similar here) // cape: vintage (loving this one) // shoes: sam edelman (similar here) // bag: vintage gucci // sunnis: ray ban (available here)
photos by the amazing molly stillman

I read a quote recently that stuck with me…"Cling tight to anything that gives you passion". I don't remember who it was by or where I read it but man it got me thinking. I can't prance around in huge fluffy tulle skirts or heels every day (nor do I want to)….for the most part everyday is spent RUNNING after my child. But I refuse to sacrifice my style so I'm always trying to come up with ways to inject my personality into my mom clothes. This vintage cape did just that. PS who can name the movie that my post title is from?


  1. I have no idea where that quot eis from..I LOOOOOOVE this cape..vintage is the bomb and this is why!
    I'm in your boat with the shoes..why do mom's feel like they have to sacrifice style?????
    Sheree xxx

  2. Great look on you. Love it.


  3. holy shit, brooke. this cape is everything I've ever dreamed of being and more.

  4. Oh my!Show stopper definitely!;-)

  5. For a minute, I thought you were quoting your son. My daughter always yells "I'm RUNNING!!" as she's...well, of course running away from me ;) Love the outfit!