Monday, November 25, 2013

Long Cool Woman with a Black Dress

dress: castles couture (available here) // boots: shoemint (similar here) // hat: stylemint (similar here) // necklace: stella & dot

 For the first time ever I'm completely content with what hangs in my closet... its because I tuned out what EVERYONE else was buying and learned what I actually love. Once you drown out all of the sequins and bows and sparkles and feathers and superfluous junk that's out there and listen to your own voice... I think you will like what you find….in your wardrobe AND your life :)


  1. Good suggestion! I always tell it to myself but never done! argh!
    I like ankle boots with long dress!
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  2. I am also LOVING what is hanging in your closet Brooke!
    Its so incredible to see your transformation, seriously.
    I am obsessed with every freakin' outfit these days..thank you for drowning it all out, you have become quite the inspiration!
    You were always cool but now you are incredible
    Sheree xxx

  3. Love that necklace! I also agree with what you said, it's always good practice to be content with what you have and with who you are and tune out all the nay-sayers.

    Happy Monday!

  4. That's been my goal lately - to stop worrying about what everyone else is buying and starting focusing in on what I really like! This dress though - is pure perfection, if I wasn't so short it would def be hanging in my closet!


  5. Stunning dress. And it looks amazing with boots. Great sentiments too - thanks.