Wednesday, November 27, 2013

You're Hot Then You're Cold Part Deux

1st outfit: dress: zara (available here) shoes (in both outfits): vince (available here) // leather ball cap (available here)
2nd outfit: coat: zara (similar here) // sweater: gap (available here) // pants: fab'rik (similar here) // bag: madewell (available here)

I'm not joking with you about this weather….last Thursday I wore these leopard print pants with a thick sweater and wool coat and was still a little chilly…the next day it got up to 73 and this sweatshirt dress was almost too hot. And well to be honest my leather sneaks and baseball cap were sitting by the front door both days so they were what went on my head and feet…..done and done.

1 comment:

  1. First off I had no idea those sneaks were perforated, now I LOVE them even more! I have to say I am equally obsessed with both outfits. I love the sweatshirt dress, its so easy yet screams "I'm awesome". The second one although more sophisticated still has such an ease with the elastic bottom and the sneaks...LOVE both.
    Hope you had a GREAT day yesterday!!
    Sheree xxx