Monday, August 4, 2014

Beaufort, North Carolina

top: fab'rik (similar here) // shorts: free people (available here) // shoes: isabel marant (similar here) // sunnies: ray ban (similar here)
photos by common dove photography and some by yours truly

This is my first travel post and I have to say it really hits home for me. Welcome to Beaufort, North Carolina….a place where no matter what time of day it is….no matter what season it is… matter what year it is….this gorgeous town will have the same smiling faces and the boardwalk can light up anyone's eyes. But word to the wise…we are not  pronounced like Beaufort, South Carolina….its pronounced "bow-fort"…and if you pronounce it wrong we will snicker at you…..

I spent every Sunday here after church getting mint chocolate chip ice cream at the General Store (across the street from the boardwalk) with a favorite aunt and I can still taste it.… if its hot….and you need a childhood favorite definitely stop by….they also have every random knick knack you could possibly imagine across from the ice cream. Also….if its raining and you need something for the kids to do stop by the Maritime Museum….its free and the kids will love it and dare I say they might actually learn something…..

If you are looking for a great place to eat outside on the water for lunch or dinner stop by the Spouter Inn…..this place has been there for years and they make a great mimosa. And if you can't get enough of their food stop by their bakery on the way out!

My favorite place to sit outside on the water to eat would definitely be the Rhum Bar at Stillwater. Try to snag yourself a seat on the deck outside….but the company of their bartenders is not bad (ask for Tim, you won't regret it).  The Blackened Tuna Tacos there are one of my all time favorite meals on planet….plus, any place that gives me my own bottle of Sriracha to douse my food with is good by me.

If you are looking for a great guided tour of Beaufort by boat definitely get information on the Water Bug…..I've heard from numerous people that his tours are the best and well worth taking….you can often see the boat passing by while sitting on the water enjoying lunch.

At night, if you are looking for a special treat… sure to check out Aqua, they are a tapas style restaurant that I truly believe paved the way for all of the amazing food that's coming  out of Beaufort these days. The staff, food and atmosphere will leave you smitten.

About 50 feet from Aqua, is Crew, an adorable wine and coffee shop that looks like its a set from a movie…..definitely stop by there while you are in town.

If you are in the need for some nightly entertainment than you can't miss the Dockhouse right on the water with its red framing on the back side and white rocking chairs sprinkled with gorgeous flowers throughout the deck. They often have live bands and people will pull their boats up and dock and just forget all of the troubles from the day. I've spent many a night there (and many afternoons people watching). They now have a coffee shop on the top floor so if you need a caffeine recharge they have you covered.

The Backstreet Pub is also a great place to go at night to unwind…or get wound up….whatever you chose to do. They too have live bands quite frequently and its always a good time.

To explain how incredible this place is through words and pictures hardly does it justice…I happened to be walking back to my car after being a tourist for the day recently and happened to run into Tim, the bartender who made my afternoon….a car pulled up with a couple who I overheard say "is this the infamous "Nugget?" Nugget is Tim's dog….who clearly is a local favorite…the fact that he is just as well known on Front Street as any restaurant or boat helps explain the warmth in this town. Whenever I'm home I load doodle in the car and take him to the boardwalk even if its 35 degrees outside…..we just sit and watch the water….one of us likes to throw rocks in…..and I breathe in hundreds of years of maritime history and think how lucky I am to know such a place and even luckier that I get to bring my child here. Hope this helps if you are ever in the area.


  1. Gorgeous photos! Love your look!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. Oh wow what a charming beach town....thanks for sharing the fun with us! Love your boho look and how cute is your son!


  3. such a quaint looking place :) and super cute pics!