Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Camo & Lace

sweater: french connection (similar here) // dress: worn as skirt shopbop similar here // boots: lucky brand (available here) // bag: 3.1 phillip lim (similar here) // hat: michael stars (similar here) // necklaces: tiffany & co (available here) and vintage brooch on a stella and dot charm necklace
For some people, clothing elicits a sort of visceral reaction (whether good or bad)….I am one of those people. Growing up where I did everyone wore their hunting camo gear everywhere ALL of the time. Walking into school each morning was like walking through a forest of people literally blending in with each other. So naturally, I stood out like sore thumb in my 4 inch stilettos and carefully thought out ensembles. Back then I used to almost be embarrassed of the fact that I love clothing so much and actually care what I put on my body……but now after I stopped seeking the approval of everyone in my hometown (or anyone else for that matter) I take pride in the fact that yes, beautiful clothes make me HAPPY. Now its kind of ironic to be sporting a camo sweater and all of the feelings and emotions it brings back….but damn if I didn't love this camo and lace combo :)

New Things: see original post here

Day 6: Made "Five Alarm" Lentil soup, nom nom

Day 7: hit up my first Goodwill……so much fun


  1. Damn this look is so good..I am starting to think that a little lace can make everything more chic. But this camo with it is brilliant, and of course the hat gives the look even more appeal..GENIUS!
    sheree xxx

  2. wow this is such a cool outfit, love it! you look great with the hat!

  3. This is such and outfit! I love the mix, the results are really nice!


  4. I can so relate to this! In my country, camo is worn almost by everyone and not in the positive,fashionable way too :D I'm still somewhat uncomfortable, by my willingness to dress pretty, which is so weird.
    The outfit is wonderful, I love the different color variation of the camo top and those boots are bad ass!

  5. Fabulous outfit and great post. Totally relate - beautiful clothes make me happy and always have! I grew up in San Francisco so I didn't see much camo... This looks cute and fresh on you,

  6. gorgeous look! love the lace and the combo of vibes/styles <3

    Xo Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  7. lovely look dear, I love the lace and Phillip Lim bag!

  8. I love this outfit! You look so chic! awsome mix between the skirt and knitwear! lovely boots! Looking forward for new posts! :)

  9. Really love the hat and the sweater!!

    new outfit on my blog! Fantik