Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Crisp New Day

silk jacket: equipment (available here) // jeans: joes jeans (similar here)// coat: zara (similar here) // shoes: shoemint (loving these) // sunnies: prada (here) // necklace: tiffany's (available here

Let me start by saying my husband and I haven't stayed up to watch the ball drop in 3 years (correction: on Doodle's first NYE we woke up at midnight because our dog had thrown up in the bed, good stuff)….so it doesn't make a ton of sense for me to put on a huge tutu and sequins for just a normal night. However, I always love the idea of starting a new year, I always have this notion of a crisp new day where anything is possible….which is what I'm trying to tell myself EVERY day should be. I figured I would at least put a good outfit on this year for New Years Eve so I took some cues from my favorite blogger and style maven Sheree and paired some leopard with an all white ensemble….whenever I'm feeling uninspired I always turn to her for a new take on things. Anywhos, hope you guys are eating your black eyed peas for good luck and enjoying a fabulous new year.


  1. OMG first of all I cannot believe you just mentioned Black Eyed Peas because I was just about to send you a recipe I saw on Thug Kitchen that had BEP's in looks yummy! I also cannot believe you mentioned a tutu when I m wearing one today...well maybe a toned down version. Also, all the love you give me is so completely amazing I cant even express to you how good it feels to be even the slightest bit appreciated in this way. And last but not least you look INCREDIBLE in this!!!!!!! It is so sleek, sharp and totally out did me with the W&L combo...bitch ;) No seriously that coat is STUNNING!!!!!!!!!
    Happy New Year happy I found you in this overloaded mess of fashion blogging ;)

  2. This looks great! So fresh and so clean! Happy New Year!


  3. Happy new year, your look is soo cool!

  4. nice style! white good! Happy New Year!


  5. Agreed! I don't think New Year's night is so special, I'm always bored to death. :D
    Adore this crispy look, fantastic pants and the shoes are fierce!

  6. Literally cant get over how much I love this look! Thanks for linking up to Trend Spin, come back next week for stripes and checks :)

    Erin @ The Fashion Canvas