Monday, January 20, 2014

Valentino Red & Camel

dress: vintage (loving this one) // shoes: valentino (available here) // bag: 3.1 phillip lim (similar here)// belt: vintage gucci (loving this one) // coat: gap (similar here) // sunnies: ray ban (available here
I'm finally pulling out some of my vintage finds over the past couple of months and getting some back from the tailor…. I've been turning more and more towards one of a kind vintage pieces these days because a. they just don't make clothes like they used to and b. I love owning pieces that I know no one else can get….snarky, I know. But you know what just busts my buffers (we watch a lot of Thomas the Train Engine around here)…….When you save up for like a year or sell 10 bags of clothes to get that one item you've been lusting after and then someone comes along buys the Forever 21 knockoff version of your coveted piece (like the Valentino Rockstuds) and tries to pass it off as the real thing… least that's impossible with vintage ;)))

New Things: See original post here

Day 17: Made Red Lentil Dhal with Cucumber Raita

Day 18: Started a new book "Your Creative Brain"

Day 19: Made Flourless Brownies and tried the Grilled Chicken Paillard at my fave french restaurant


  1. LOOOOOOOOve this so much more as a dress...I thought it was a sweater! So chic and I like it waaaaaaay more than Helena's look.
    I HATE red pants for some reason..this is so much more chic, modern and and just damn cool...LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sheree xxx

  2. Your entire outfit is so great, I don't know which item is my favorite! I agree with you, somehow the joy of buying something new is often overshadowed by having someone where the knockoff version, you can't help by feel a little cheated. x

  3. brooke- this outfit is STUNNING!!! the color red was made for you!

  4. OMG, this dress is gorgeous!!!!! You look fab!
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  5. Cohosting #fundaymonday and wanted to stop by! You look awesome in that dress. Love it! Love your Thomas the Train reference...I tend to catch myself throwing around Daniel Tiger and Barbie Dreamhouse references.
    Eva @

  6. We are Thomas fans too- you cracked me up. Love that piece. I have more vintage than new in my closet now I think! I love it that way.
    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place

  7. I really love your shoes, you look very nice :)

    Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!

  8. Love your unique sense of style Brooke, don't let the knock offs knock you down!


  9. I love your unique sense of style Brooke. Don't let the knock offs knock you down.
    I can't always afford designer pieces but I never pass off my similar pieces as originals. I love splurge vs steals posts but am always honest.

  10. i personally love the knock offs haha, or at least until i get more money in that bank of mine ;) but the fun part is that you know you have the real, well made version, so at least that's nice! and i personally love vintage too- sometimes you find a real special and fabulous piece that turns into a treasure- and the hunt itself is really fun too! :)

    xo marlen
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