Friday, January 20, 2012

I Got Some New Shoes On

Don't you just love when you get new shoes? I usually find myself trying to plan new outfits around them. But don't worry, I've already scuffed these up so I feel like I've had them for years...geez. Mamadukes told me they look like "blogger" shoes, as in only someone crazy enough to have a blog would wear them, and this isn't the first pair she has said that about. I take it as a compliment naturally! The only reason I'm prancing around in this outfit is because I'm going out to dinner tonight, so give me a break. I had some company during my photo sesh...ya know, just the local cat and some kind of unidentifiable bird. Also, to go with my shoes I'm trying to win this fabulous Balenciaga Bag from this amazing blog I follow and here is the link!!! Anyways, Doodle man tried bananas today and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen. Hope you have a great beginning to your weekend!

Jacket, Scarf, Belt & Tights: The Limited

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