Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nap Time

sweater: old navy// shirt: gap// jeans: paige denim// shoes, hat & belt: old navy// sunglasses: ray ban// necklace: tiffany & co

Two posts in one day, that's just crazy talk. If you are a new mom then you know that your day is planned around your baby's naps. Doodle man actually took a 2 hour nap on mommy and daddy's bed this afternoon which actually allowed me to get a redunkulous amount of stuff done. After finishing up my house cleaning I caught up on all of my fashion mags and even got a chance to goof around on polyvore and pinterest. I was also able to find this gold necklace that I have been obsessing over for several years!!! Sooo if anyone wants to be buy me said necklace (mom I know you read this blog!!) here is the link and it just so happens to be 20% off only today, mmmm how bout that? It was a nice relaxing lounge around the house day...and isn't that what Sunday's are all about?

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