Monday, March 12, 2012

Attraction of Opposites

top: the limited// skirt: urban outfitters// shoes: sam edleman// sunglasses: marc by marc jacobs// bag: Thirty-One// jewelry: tiffany & co, via nerolli, michael kors, sylvia benson

I just love playing with opposites, like a floral skirt paired with a chain necklace and espadrilles with studs. I just got this zipper pouch and I loved it so much I thought it would look cute as a clutch! If anyone needs to place an order for thirty-one stuff I know the perfect person :) Anywho, I'm thinking about trying to make some more bracelets this week so stay tuned to see how productive I am, seriously please do it will give me motivation haha
Photos by Amanda Barber
every smile a memory photography


  1. I like your style, and it's not very common to see fashion mums on the blogosphere so, congratulations!

    Just one tip: It's a pity that in such a nice blog pictures don't fit. Try resizing them (about 650 px wide) or making your blog wider. If you don't have photoshop you can use Photobucket, or simply make them smaller with Blogger's editor.



    1. You are right there aren't a lot of mom fashion bloggers so thank you! And thank you for the tip I am always having sizing issues!