Friday, March 16, 2012

Momsicles and Jellies

top: the limited// shorts: h&m// shoes: juicy coutrure// sunglasses: ray ban// bag: louis vuitton// jewelry: tiffany & co, michael kors, kate spade, sylvia benson, new york & co
So yea, I resemble a popsicle in this ensemble and you know what, I like all of you haters  in downtown Raleigh with your NC State shirts and jeans on who were giving me funny looks this can suck it. I don't even wear t-shirts and jeans while I'm attending State games so back up off it. Anywho :) I think this outfit is perfect for a mom on the go....comfy shorts, a breazy top and yes, jellies. I now own 3 pairs of jellies and I freaking love them because they remind me of my childhood...but these have tassels on them which makes them totally grown up bahahah. See ya'll tomorrow!


  1. ooo I love the orange shorts AND the jellies!!! Do they stay comfy even if you wear them for a few hours?

    1. Surprisingly yes I was running errands all day long and they didn't bother me at all!!