Thursday, March 22, 2012


dress: french connection// belt: the limited// shoes: hat: target// sunglasses: versace// jewelry: michael kors, kate spade, ea burns (

After a pretty crappy night I arose this morning (at 4:30 mind you) wanting to escape into another world. And since this is my blog about trying to find my new style I decided to give Alice's look a spin around the block. I found my own Wonderland just 2 miles down the road...and although it doesn't consist of mad hatters and evil does have beautiful fountains and frozen yogurt...what more could I ask for? Since I was channeling Alice I decided to debut my new fanfreakintastic necklace made out of repurposed leather...obsessed much? And ok, 4 inch wedges are not the most practical "mom" shoes, but I was in my Wonderland, so kiss it evil queen!