Friday, March 2, 2012

Eccentric Mommy On The Go

top: the limited// jacket: fab'rik// shorts: 7 for all mankind// shoes: steve madden// bag: louis vuitton//sunglasses: ray ban// jewelry: via nerolli, chew beads, michael kors, f 21, tiffany & co

Good lawd I cannot count how many sloppy moms I have seen in just the past few days. I'm at the point where I'm saying if they choose not to get themselves together then it just makes me look ten times better so whatevs! This look kind of sums up my lifestyle, just different enough to stand out but still comfy enough to be a mom on the go..with my new chew beads on haha. I feel like the "standard" mom look these days is jeans or sweats and a boring t-shirt BUT clearly I'm not the "standard" mom, if I was then I wouldn't have this blog now would I :)

photos by amanda barber
every smile a memory photography

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