Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Portrait Sneak Peek

I'm sure you guys are tired of hearing about my bridal portraits but I am so excited about them! Mammadukes took a couple of snapshots while they were being done but I can't show you the real ones yet because I don't want you to see my dress before the wedding sheesh! Anywho, I'm pretty sure that my life is way more entertaining than most reality shows on tv right now...for instance if there was a camera crew in my kitchen this morning at 7 am they would have seen me in my pjs, with my 4 inch Badgley Mischka stilletos on (trying to break them in for the wedding) vacuuming with one hand and drinking coffee with the other while doodle man was pulverizing my calves by running me down with his walker. This was at 7....imagine how the rest of my day went. The only thing those Kardashians have on me is about 30 plastic surgeries :)

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