Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to Make Vintage Your Own

dress: vintage (loving this one )// shoes: shoemint (similar here) // bag: rebecca minkoff (available here) // necklaces: stella & dot (available here)

I've had several conversations with friends lately about vintage clothing. Which leads me to today's post. I've always been a vintage lover...and in this day and age where every girl who knows what Chanel is thinks she is a fashion maven I find it more exciting to scout pieces that no one else will have.

Let's start with what you should be looking for, shall we?

Fabric and print are key. In an ideal world you would need to scour vintage shops to check out the quality of the fabric. If it looks cheap right off the bat keep it movin' sister, not worth it. If you pick up a piece and it looks like it has never been worn....that's a good sign. Also, be weary of super thin cotton. If you are going to search for vintage online just try ask for as many pictures and descriptions as possible.

Now for the print......obviously if a print speaks to you and doesn't look like its directly plucked out of a certain era go for it. Classics like animal prints and stripes are good to start out with. I found this little animal print dress in a vintage shop is Asheville called Ragtime a couple of months ago and it looked like it came straight off the runways. It came with a sheer overlay with the same print that I turned it a dress and showed a couple of weeks ago here.

After you acquire your new found vintage pieces its important to accessorize them in a modern way so you don't look dated. Throw on your favorite chains and some sleek shoes.....leather bags are also always a yes in my book.

In the end if you still don't feel edgy enough or you look too stuffy.....throw a leather jacket on......that ALWAYS does the trick :)

PS In case you didn't know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. If you are interested in helping to further breast cancer awareness please check out the Stella & Dot Breast Cancer Boutique here  , you don't have to book a show but by purchasing any of these items the net proceeds go towards breast cancer research.


  1. I take vintage to the next level and call it 'thrifting' ha, because thrifting is actually cheap. Like, $4 for a jacket cheap. At first I found it creepy because you don't know who died/ spilled spaghetti/ did the nasty in the chic new shoes you're sporting...but who gives a flying f***. It's original, it's awesome. As are you.

  2. Love vintage!! I have a GREAT vintage blazer that I just loooooove. Got it at a great price, too. You look fantastic girl!

  3. Love this Brooke. That dress is amazing and you definitely made it modern...I love the straps and how the top is cut...kisses!
    Sheree xxx

  4. Brooke, I love your vintage tips!! Sadly we have no vintage stores here, so if you know of any good online ones, let me know. This dress is so beautiful, and I love your modern twist with the jacket over the waist and those beautiful shoes (that look infinitely better on you then they ever did on me haha). You just keep getting more and more beautiful!


  5. you are so beautiful and so thin
    such a source of inspiration !


    Coline ♡