Friday, October 4, 2013

Face Value

dress worn as top: french connection (similar here) // shorts: vintage levi (similar here) // shoes: shoemint (similar here) // sunnies: prada (available here) // bracelet & rings: stella & dot (available here)

My habit of procuring items that no one else will have has gotten to the point where its (almost) annoying. Last month my mom and I found this dress at TJ Maxx and I went back and forth for like an hour on whether I should get it or not....on one hand it was a seriously good deal on my of my favorite brands....on the other hand it was at TJ Maxx in my hometown where there is literally nowhere to shop and I knew I wouldn't be the only one interested. After an hour of walking around mammadukes finally said "Brooke! You have been in love with French Connection since the first time you walked into their store in Soho like 7 years ago....shut up and get the one can wear it the way you do". So, I got the dress.

I got home that day and tried the dress on and it was waaay too short for my taste, but I lurved the graphic print on the top and the way it naturally I threw a pair of jorts on with it and headed out the door for dinner with girls. The point being, don't take things for face value.....a dress can easily become a chic sweater. However, I'm back on my quest to acquire original pieces as I have already seen this dress on two other people since buying it.......a day in the life.


  1. Oh man that sucks but it is soooooo freakin' cool..I LOVE this on you as a top, dress, whatever! I know how you feel. I definitely don't have that problem in my area, it's too big buuuuut I am conscious of that in the blogger community...I hate wearing the same pieces as everyone, I 'm surprised more people don't feel that way but then I don't "get" most people ;) Just scored some amazing vintage that you will be seeing sooooon! ps..we are both wearing FC in our posts today...I used to work for them in Soho and the pieces I acquired are still my faves....sorry waaay too long...
    Sheree xxx

  2. you look good , fresh & young , i can't believe ur a mother already !!

    * am sharing my favorite fashion and beauty links on my blog , must see !!

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  3. your body is total perfection


    Coline ♡

  4. Stunning! Love that you turned it into a top because it looks absolutely amazing.

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  5. Wow so beautiful outfit!! I love that shirt!
    Would you like to follow each others?

  6. U look GORGEOUS babe!! sooo Parisian street style! That dress/top is sooo stunning! Thank gawd u got it! Your Mom knows best!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  7. Love the shoes and top!