Monday, April 30, 2012

What2Apply: Fuscia Fever

top & sunnies: h&m// jacket: the limited// shorts & bag: old navy//shoes: shoemint// hat: target
First beauty post wahoo! Before having doodle I never really played with trends in the beauty department for fear of looking like a clown...but with my new found " I don't care what anyone else thinks" attitude I've started trying new things! One being fuscia lipstick, I was a skeptic at first BUT Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipcolor in "Fuscia Fever" is just so beautiful on I am a fuscia lipstick convert!!! If you are going to try out the trend I would definitely recommend stopping by the drugstore and picking this up!
PS yes, that is more construction work beside our hosue, how nice of you to notice, I sure do EVERY morning at 7 am :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

What2Read: W....and Liebster!

shirtdress & belt: the limited// blazer: zara// sunnies: marc by marc jacobs// shoes: keds// collar tips:

Hello party peeps! Today's read is W magazine...I always love their editorial content and although its not doodle's favorite read he does love a good fashion mag!Also, I have some good news, I have been given another Liebster Award.... I just get tickled when I get love from the blogosphere!

The lovely blogger that gave me the Liebster is Andrea from Left Brain, Right Brain, Pug Brain.  The combination of writer + fashionista= me tunning in every day to see what she has to say, what she cooked and what she wore. I truly enjoy visitng her blog :) ps for some reason I can't get the link to work for her site so please check out

And now to spread some spitup covered love:
1. Allison @ A's Fashion Files- I'm obsessed with her collection of handbags and shoes and well pretty much everything she owns
2. Nikki @ Carry On Couture- she gave me the first liebster and I have to show her some love because I think she is absolutely adorable
3. Nancy @ adore to adorn- her funky and unique blog and the way she puts things together keeps me coming back for more
4. Victoria @ Vickkitas- this pint size girl from Sweden has impeccable style, especially for her age
5. Jessica @ Here(and)Now- this blog is so down to earth and it actually reminds me that there are some great people in the blogosphere

And now for the random facts:
1. my FAVORITE food is popcorn and don't give me any of that weak smartpop crap, I mean the tub at the movie theater loaded with butter and salt
2.I've been drawing dresses on the edges of newspapers and napkins since I was 3, seriously
3. I'm married and I have an almost 9 month old baby boy...although he was not planned he is the most BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING thing I have ever done in my life
4. I have a serious addiction to fedoras, if you hadn't noticed and doodle is starting his own collection
5. I'm a really big history nerd, especially war history, weird I know

A+ Shirtdress from Shabby Apple

Thursday, April 26, 2012

What2Add- seaside accessories

top: the limted// belt & skirt: old navy// shoes: diy dolce vita// sunnies: marc by marc jacobs// earrings: hallelu (wrightsville beach but check out the website

Welcome to the new What2Wear! After almost throwing in the towel on this little blog I realized after hearing from some readers and friends that you actually like my daily assortment of outfits and I'm going to add a little more "me" to the blogosphere. I will continue with outfits and snapshots but I'm also adding What2Add (accessories), What2Apply (beauty), What2Read (articles, books & mags) and What2Eat (recipes). I hope you like it...I'm actually pretty freaking stoked about it.

Today I'm starting with one of my long time obsessions: seaside accessories. I think that they just add a little bit of whimsy to every outfit, throw on some repurposed leather octopus earrings and diy seahorse sandals (yes I had to take apart 2 different pairs of sandals and send them to the cobbler to get these babies) and an outfit becomes instantly more interesting! Here are some other finds that are sure to give you some sea legs:

anchors and sailboats plus a jolt of color, yes please!

I get so bored with jewelry but this piece actually excites me!

Happily Ever Day After- Snapshots

outfit: top: beneton// shorts: nicole miller indego africa// shoes: shoemint// the car cuz I was ready to go!!
dishtowels: anthropologie (wedding gift from a very thoughtful friend :) )
Thankfully the weather could not have been more perfect for the wedding weekend...but on Sunday morning it was like a smack in the face from reality to wake up to cold rain  knowing real life had begun again. Sam and I couldn't go on a honeymoon right now for many reasons but honestly all I wanted Sunday afternoon was to sit in our house together with Wrigley and Doodle and to stuff my face with some well deserved chips and dip... happily ever after is all in the eye of the beholder....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Won't Give Up- Wedding Pics& Snapshots Part 1

Photos (except last 2) by Cynthia Rose Photography

Rehearsal Dinner

What a way to kick off the weekend, here are a couple of snapshots:
1. Beginning shenanigans (not sure what I'm looking at....)
2. The Groom's Cake (Wrigley, our dog, named after Wrigley Field)
3. Can't keep it together, check out my awesome face
4. Some of the lovely bridal party
5. Sequins and mint green....LOVE
6. After our delicous meal
7. Me letting loose...
8. Jackie, one of our flower girls :)
9. Mr. & Mrs. Allen
10. Andrew Franklin Allen (doodle bug)