Thursday, September 27, 2012

"The Momiform Diaries" Lesson #2: Lighten Up

dress: bcbg (old), top worn under dress: stylemint// shoes: 3.1 phillip lim// sunnies: marc by marc jacobs

Soooo the second lesson I'm sharing with you guys for "The Momiform Diaries" is actually the first lesson I learned after SHOCKINGLY finding out that I was becoming a mother. For the first 4 months of my pregnancy I was convinced I was having a I literally went out and bought an entire closet full of baby girl clothes.....needless to say at the 20 week sonogram I found out I was having a boy.....and everything changed. That was my first realization that nothing in life is how you expected it to be.
When you lighten up and see the world as how it is and not how it should be it allows you to experience new things...I never looked back after finding out I was having a fact, after seeing my husband's face in that room after we heard the news I thought to myself "I will just keep popping boys out just to see that look again." And my sweet doodle bug baby boy is the most amazing thing I have ever created in my life.
So I guess my point is....LIGHTEN UP, with life and with fashion. Is that my 65 lb pound puppy in a red polka dress that just so happens to match her mommy's? Why yes, yes it is....and do you know why she is wearing that rediculous dress.....because she is the only other girl I get to dress right now....and because life is short!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

"The Momiform Diaries": Lesson #1 Casual Chaos

top: cabi// blazer: zara (old)// jeans: the limited// shoes: marc by marc jacobs via endless // jewels: stella & dot and michael kors// diaper bag: marc by marc jacobs

Holy smokes I'm so excited for this series.....I feel like I have learned so much about life and motherhood over the past year after having my sweet doodle bug and I wanted to show you guys more of my life within the Allen household and some tips on how to keep yourself from looking like a frazzled mom (although you definitely feel like one on the inside)! I hope these tips can help everyone, not just moms.....

Lesson #1: Casual Chaos
 With all of the commotion that goes on in the household of a 13 month baby boy that goes 100 mph every day the secret to looking (almost) sane is to keep easy pieces in your closet that you can easily move in but are tailored to make you look awesome!  Casual chaos is a simple recipe: a shirt+ a blazer+ skinny jeans + a statement necklace and boom you have an outfit that allows you to take on the world (or your nursery). I can't really control anything else that goes on in my house but I CAN CONTROL WHAT I CHOOSE TO PUT ON. This recipe is for everyone actually.....even if you have a job that allows you to stay at home you should still make yourself presentable. One of the main things I've learned this year is so cliche but true....when you look good you feel for the love of god get out of that fugly t-shirt and victoria's secret "pink" sweatpants and boost that self esteem, I know you have it in you!

Also, if you are a mom, do little things for yourself that make you feel chic......when I was preggo I happened to be walking through Saks one day and spotted this marc jacobs diaper bag and just about peed on myself (literally and figuratively) . I felt massive and unattractive and couldn't buy clothes or shoes but I knew if I had the perfect diaper bag that it was something chic that I would use every day. And every time I load it with diapers and goldfish and head out of the house I'm reminded to do something small for myself that day. Its about finding that balance of keeping small amounts of yourself while pouring the other 99% of your efforts into your go ahead and get that mani or buy that latte, you deserve it!

PS I wore this outfit last night to pick up a pizza from a local pizza joint and several of the cooks told me they liked my outfit, I believe "classy as Carmen San Diego" was thrown out there. In conclusion: the blonde cookie cutter biatches in this town may not get me, but damn if the local pizza guys don't think I'm fly!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Faux Sho

top: vince camuto// shorts: jacket: old navy(spring)// shoes: minnetonka(via sunnies: ray ban// bag: louis vuitton// jewels: stella & dot

Oh hey....its time for another rant so hang in there. You know what I don't like, things that are fake: fake bags, fake teeth and most of all fake people....although surprisingly I love fake meat...especially tofu, I digress. With so many blogs flooding the blogosphere these days I' do I put this...getting bored! So you are a pretty face and you can afford massive amounts of designer goods...that doesn't impress me. What impresses me is those people that put interesting outfits together and that have awesome personalities and they find a way to make that come across through their blog. I won't bore you although I could go on for days on this subject....I just wanted to thank a REAL person out there for taking these pics for me and that would be Molly from [still being] are AMAZING and don't you forget that :) PS stay tuned for some awesome posts about the "Momiform Diaries" coming soon!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stay Tuned

After coming back from New York I almost feel like a new person. North Carolina, it's been great for the past 24 years but seriously..... I'm going to vomit if I see another pair of Jack Rogers or one more David Yurman ring or one more pair of Tory Burch flats, please don't get me wrong I have no qualm with these brands or items I'm just tired of seeing EVERY girl wearing them. It almost seems like being unique is a bad thing here, like WHAT? I'm not playing the cute little blonde girl charade like I have been just to almost fit in here (like I've ever fit in anywhere, ha), nope, from now on I'ma be me! First step......finally changing my hair for the first time in 10 years.... Those are burgundy tips if you can't tell. And I'm not holding back on my style anymore..... So hang on to your pearls and longchamp bags and stay tuned.....!!!!!!!

P.S. Aren't those sunnies fantastic?! They are by Allison from A's Fashion Files and I want everyone to put down their pumpkin spice lattes and to go to her Etsy store right now!!!! (etsy store KawaiiKitschbyA)

Girl Crush- Carole From #RHONY

I don't have a lot of girl crushes because let's be honest I don't like a lot of girls (other than Zooey Deschenel, Ellen Degeneres and Lesley Knope....yes I know she isn't a real person) HOWEVER, Carole Radziwill from The Real Housewives of New York has quickly become my new icon. I just recently started watching the show again after a long hiatus due to the fact that they are all crazy bitaches but man that girl is awesome! In the midst of drunken craziness and mid-life crises all around her she is always so calm and classy and speaks so eloquently. Let's just say I love her.... And her style is FLAWLESS, check it out.....

Monday, September 10, 2012


I was asked a couple of questions about the third picture I showed on the last post so I figured I would give the back story. It was day 2 of ifb con and I was taking a break walking around Soho when it started pouring and I was on the phone with the hubs when a photographer stopped me and asked if he could take my picture.... I was like um, CHEA! I didn't even have to hang up the phone, he just started snapping away.... And that was that! The jacket is some DIY stud work I did on a piece from The Limited, the blouse is Cabi, the sweater is a polka dot cardigan from Old Navy and the leather shorts are from American Apparel.... The accessories: all jewelry and bag from Stella & Dot (, sunnies are Marc by Marc Jacobs and shoes are Steve Madden.
Picture from

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion Week Recap

First Photo by: Gloria Quiroga (
Second Photo by: Tesh Parekh
Third Photo by: Alex Geana

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Belk's Fashion Night Out-Jones New York

Ok was I bummed I couldn't stay for New York's FNO...... You betcha... But I can't complain because I just spent 3 AMAZING days in NYC (I'll be showing more about that next week) being surrounded by the most creative minds I've ever come across. But... I did manage to find some "fashion" in Raleigh.... Although it is my mission to bring a lot more to this style challenged area. Belk had Jeffrey Thorpe, vice president of Jones New York, explaining the fall collection during a small runway presentation. I've never really looked into the brand and it's a little too "commercial" for my taste but I did find a couple of items that are fantastic!!! And yes.....those shoes are my new 3.1 Phillip Lim oxfords that I've been drooling over since I pre-ordered them in July, heaven at last. And my husband definitely asked me if I mugged a clown for my pants (in my mind if he hates something then I'm on the right track).... And yes that is a monkey on my t-shirt, but I got it from the ifbcon and its sooo soft, therefore it's a new favorite so get used to the giant monkey!

#ifbcon Day 1- please excuse my face

Just a quick update because I just got home from NYC and I'm getting ready to go to the Belk Fashion Night Out at Crabtree! Here are a couple of shots from my first outfit at the conference and holy Moses let me just give you a sneak peak of what I will be talking about for like the next month.... I have never been so creatively inspired in my life as I was at ifbcon. Ps sorry about my face in these pics, I look pissed but I'm actually pretty stoked!!! And there will be so much more when I finally get a chance to do a real post!

First photo from
Second photo from take a hit blog (

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First snippets from #ifbcon in New York

So I haven't been taking as many pictures as I wanted but here are some snippets from the past two days!!!! Lunch in Little Italy and some new blogging friends.... Doesn't get much better! Ps totally got lost in Soho and ended up walking past Eli Klein's gallery from Gallery Girls!!!!