Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Same Dreams, Fresh Starts

dress: free people (similar here) //boots: chinese laundry (here) // necklace: stella & dot (similar here) // bag: loeffler randall (on sale here!!!!!)
photography: common dove photography

New year. New feels. New breath. Same dreams, fresh starts.  The best part of the turn of a new year is that everything feels fresh. The symbolism of "starting over" is enough to make you want to have a solo dance party on the beach at sunset……but shouldn't every new day be that way? This year, instead of just starting over once I vow to start over every day……every single morning……same dreams, fresh starts……365 of them… that's exciting.

Ps thank you Jessica for breaking open this wine bottle and always being my partner in crime, this past year wouldn't have been the same without you :) Also…… Charlee, Katie, Becca, Liddy, Carly, Jenny, Sheree, Biggles, Claire and Corey….thank you for making sure I made it out of 2014 in one piece. Cheers to 2015

Thursday, December 25, 2014

I Believe I Was Wrong

vest: vintage (loving this one) // pants: gap (here) // coat: karlie (similar here) // shoes: shoemint (similar here) // necklaces: vintage chanel and stella & dot
photos by common dove photography

Being a 26 year old mother going through a divorce is pretty much a learning game…..a painful, annoying, rewarding learning game. Being able to admit when I'm wrong has definitely been a learned quality over the last several months.  A couple of weeks ago I thought I had all of the answers….I thought I was doing ok and that it was time for my "walls" to come down…..boy was I wrong. 

Sitting on a freezing cold beach a couple of days ago I had an epiphany…… the answer is….I DON'T have to have all of the answers right now, in fact, I don't need any answers right now. I  just need to get through the day and make sure my son is happy and taken care of. Outside of that is beyond my control. Putting walls up isn't always a bad thing, it actually helps to keep you grounded. Its alright to have your head in the clouds….as long as your feet are firmly on the ground.

One thing I realized is that I am not ok right now………..and that's totally ok :)

Saturday, December 20, 2014


dress: jealous tomato via james clothing boutique (similar here)// kimono: for love & lemons (similar here) // boots: chinese laundry (available here) // necklaces: stella & dot (loving this one)
photos by common dove photography

Off to Charleston to aggravate one of my favorite people in the world, Merry Christmas y'all :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Impossible to Ignore

photos by common dove photography……..thank you for being the most kick ass photographer and friend

"Oh, my life is changing everyday
In every possible way
Though my dreams it's never quite as it seems
Never quite as it seems
I know I've felt like this before
But now I'm feeling it even more
Because it came from you
And then I open up and see
The person falling here is me
A different way to be
I want more, impossible to ignore
Impossible to ignore
And they'll come true, impossible not to do
Impossible not to do
And now I tell you openly
You have my heart so don't hurt me
You're what I couldn't find
A totally amazing mind
So understanding and so kind
You're everything to me
Oh, my life is changing every day
In every possible way
And my dreams it's never quite as it seems
'Cause you're a dream to me, dream to me"

Well….. 2014………with all due respect…….you have been an absolute son of a bitch……but I love you and am grateful for everything that has happened and will take what you have taught me and finish this year strong.