Friday, June 29, 2012

What2Add: Positive Attitude

So....I've been told I'm one of those people that wears my heart on my sleeve....but it got over 100 degrees in Raleighwood today so it was too hot to wear I guess tonight I wore my heart on my shoulder. I held my New Stylist launch party and invited everyone I knew in the area, I was soo excited because its a new adventure and something I'm really passionate about. However, two people showed up...and at first my feelings were really hurt....but as the night went on I realized...I have the best full time and part time jobs in the world. My full time job is a domestic engineer, a wife and a mother and a maid and a dogwalker all at the same time and my part time job is styling people with jewelry that I truly believe can make someones wardrobe and working for a company that empowers women to "style their own lives." I guess what I'm trying to say is, the most important accessory a girl can wear is a positive attitude :)  All of the jewelry you see is available here!!!!

What I wore: Palamino Necklace available here

Capri Chandelier Earrings available here

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What2Wear: Pink & White...and Pink & White

outfit1: romper: ralph lauren polo// shoes: kenneth cole reaction (last year) /sunnies: ray ban// bag: louis vuitton// jewelry: stella&dot
outfit 2: top: bcbg max azria// pants: urban outfitters// hat: target// shoes: sam edleman// jewelry: stella&dot

Hi my name is Brooke and I'm a with 8 different colors in my wardrobe....anywhos, funny story about me and the color pink; when I was younger I used to lurve pink, I wore it literally every day...then I went through a phase for several years where I hated it and would not touch it...and that's just not fair to pink, it never did anything to me! But now thankfully I'm liking pink again, especially with white if you hadn't noticed....I bet you are thinking, blerg, I can't believe I just took the time to read about this chick's thoughts and feelings on the color pink....sometimes I forget you guys aren't doodle and you don't care about that stuff...ooopsies!

Like my jewelry? You can purchase it here!!!

What2Add: Palamino Necklace/ YSL Safari Inspiration

tunic: cabi// vest: michael kors// belt: vince camuto//shoes: stylemint// sunnies: target// jewels: stella&dot

Hey ya'll, you know you are back in your hometown when you pass by a roadside sign that reads "Pro Rodeo" at the local flea mall in bright flourescent letters...bahaha, nothing like the south. Anywhos, I'm super excited to debut the Palamino Necklace today. I wish I could pop out of your computer screen and show you in person because this necklace is stunning up close...and far away for that matter. I was feeling a little YSL 60's safari action in this outfit and the pop of coral just makes it that much better. PS I'm linking up with #yolomondays from still being [molly] today so be sure to check that out :)
I was wearing the Palamino Necklace available here. Stylist: Brooke Allen

Sunday, June 24, 2012

What2Wear: Mommy's Weekend Off

outfit 1: dress: marshalls// jacket: the limited (last spring)// jewelry: stella&dot
outfit 2: top: target// skirt: old navy (last fall)// shoes: shoemint// sunnies: target// bag: louis vuitton// jewelry: stella&dot
I seriously have crazy bad luck when it comes to the few times that I get a weekend off from being a mommy. I usually get sick and end up spending the whole weekend in bed wishing I could be cleaning the house and the other 97 things on my to-do list....and this weekend was no exception! On Friday night I got my first case of food poisoning and was violently ill for a good majority of the evening...not the romantic night I had planned with the hubs! Then I spent all day in bed on Saturday but was able to make it to a girl's night out trunk show with some good friends which made the weekend redeemable.  Anywho....I'm back into mommy mode and ready to take on the day! PS thanks for all of the birthday wishes, it was my first birthday as a wife and a mother and it was super special to me :)

I was wearing the Talia Teardrop Earrings available here

The Stevie Necklace available here

The Zoe Lariat Neckalce available here

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What2Wear: Birthday!

So yesterday was my birthday and it was pretty awesome! Wednesday night my friends and I had a little pre-bday fiesta complete with skinny margs, cupcakes and a tiny red sombrero....quite a night. Then yesterday doodle and I spent the morning shopping in Cameron Village and had a picnic in the park. And the night concluded with dinner with the hubs, doodle and Wrigley picking up the was everything I could have wished for :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What2Add: The Cameron Pendant

outfit 1: top: the limited (last year)// pants: target// shoes: sam edleman// sunnies: target// necklace: stella&dot
outfit 2: top: h&m// shorts, fedora, sunnies: target// shoes: diy dolce vita//bag: louis vuitton// necklace: stella&dot

Holy moses, when I first saw this necklace on the cover of the Stella & Dot summer look book I knew I had to have it! If there is one necklace you need to add to your summer accessories wardrobe my pick would be the Cameron Pendant. The coral inspiration is from the Amalfi Coast on the Mediterranean Sea where the design team took actual samples of coral and then hand casted the molds so the pedant has an authentic coral shape. It adds just the right amount of nautical and whimsy to every ensemble.....if I hadn't already bought it for myself then I would have asked for it for my birffday, which is tomorrow! ( Insert shameless birthday reminder!)

The Cameron Pendant is available are doing yourself a favor if you snag this one :)