Thursday, May 31, 2012

What2Add: Bee Brooch- Day 2

top: the limited (old)// shorts: seven for all mankind// blazer: zara (old)// belt: vince camuto// shoes: marc by marc jacobs (old) bag: louis vuitton// jewelry: michael kors, stella & dot, kate spade

Ok so the second way that I like to wear a brooch is on the lapel of a blazer, it adds just the right amount of quirkyness! This outfit is an extravaganza of favorites, my favorite jorts with my favorite blazer with my favorite marc jacobs jellies with my new favorite brooch. I was feeling so confident in my outfit of favorites that I totally got rebellious and snuck some Chipotle into the cafe at the Natural Science Museum...I hid in the corner and ate it like doodle does when he puts something he's not supposed to in his mouth, what a great day!

You can purchase this brooch here....just enter Brooke Allen when it asks for your stylist!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What2Add: Bee Brooch-Day 1

dress: french connection// shoes: converse// bag: old navy, brooch on bag: stella & dot// sunnies: ray ban// jewelry:, michael kors, sylvia benson, stella & dot

I just love vintage and vintage inspired brooches....I'm always on the hunt for them. When I saw this one in the Stella & Dot lookbook I knew I had to have it and when I opened the box and saw it in person for the first time it was love at first sight. The hand painted enamel is aboslutely stunning and the flash of turquoise really adds something special. I think brooches are the perfect way to bring a little life into your accessories collection without spending an arm and a leg. I'm going to show you 3 ways I like to wear brooches over the next 3 as you can see its pinned to a bag. I just love that a funky brooch can ad that extra umph to an outfit, ya know what I mean?
You can purchase this brooch here on sale for only $29.25, that's insane people!
(there will be a link at the top of the page that says "find stylist" and you just have to type in Brooke Allen)

Monday, May 28, 2012

What2Add: Ray Ban Aviators

outfit 1: top: the limited (spring '11)// dress worn as skirt: old navy// shoes: tj max diy// sunnies in both outfits: ray ban// jewelry: diy, michael kors
outfit 2: top: stylemint// dress worn as skirt: gypsy// shoes: dolce vita// bag: louis vuitton//belt: vince camuto// jewelry: tiffany & co, michael kors, via nerolli

Hey party people, hope you had a great weekend...I have some exciting news to share with you but I'll wait till the end of the post to build up your excitement! For some reason I can't get enough of my aviators right now. I think they are the perfect sunnies for summer and they remind me of being home at the beach. I actually used to think I looked like a dork in them and maybe I do look like a dork but I don't really care because I love them! Now for the good news...after attending my first Stella & Dot party last week I fell absolutely in love with the jewelry (and if you can't tell I have a jewelry obsession) sooo after some research  and serious consideration I am now an idependent Stella & Dot stylist!!!! Which means... you can now buy Stella & Dot jewelry from me online, I will have a direct link from the blog to my online store, um how awesome/easy is that? I'll be featuring the jewelry on a daily basis with my outfits and showing you how to style it and then you can click on a link and buy it for yourself...baller status. Bellow are some pieces on my current wish list that should be arriving at my doorstep can find them all here!

Friday, May 25, 2012

What2Apply: Benefit- Raining Men

top:h&m// tunic: cabi// shoes: shoemint// belt: vince camuto// bag & sunnies: target// jewelry: tiffany& co,, diy, michael kors, kate spade, sylvia benson

I would like to start off today by saying thank you for all of the support on yesterday's post, you actually like me! And that makes me sooo happy. Next, let me preface this story by saying when I was pregnant last summer and my due date came and went and there was still no doodle man I went a little crazy, another week passed by and I was massive, full of hormones and sweating like a 300 pound man so I did what always makes me feel better...I went shopping! But I couldn't buy clothes or shoes soooo I bought $200 worth of new makeup (the hormones made me a little cray-cray)....and this eyeshadow was part of my loot. It's Benefit's Velvet Eyeshadow in Raining Men and I'm obsessed with it! I started taking a flat angle brush and wearing it as eyeliner recently which allows me to get more use out of it because I can't really wear teal eyeshadow on a daily basis. If you are looking for a new eye shadow I would highly recommend this shade! That is all :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What2Read: Inspiration from Kendi Everyday

top: h&m// jeans:target// bag: dsw// shoes: shoemint/// sunnies: versace// jewelry: jewelmint, the limited, tiffany & co, michael kors, target,  hallelu
photo from

One of the first blogs I ever started reading was Kendi Everyday. With her wity remarks and effortlessly cool style Kendi has been at the top of my reading list since the first day I came across her little slice of the blogosphere. When I saw these pants on her a couple of months ago I swooned over them....and last week I just so happened to be walking by the sale section of Target and there they were...I figured there was no way they had my size left....but there they were.....on sale for $12....................what, what?! So I grabbed them and skipped merrily to the checkout, well, as merrily as you can skip while pushing a stroller!

PS certain things have been said that have led me to a little rant today so here goes: 1. if I'm "following" you its because I'm interested in seeing how you put things together or what you have to say, not because I "need" you to follow me (although I am super grateful for those of you who  take the time to read my blog and that follow me :) ) 2. if one more person tells me that I "need" to "follow" them or that I "need" to leave comments on their blog I'm going to let out 9 months of sleep deprivation on them, when did everyone become so OBSESSED with how many followers they had?  3. I know my pictures aren't that clear and I don't have a nice the last year I have gotten married, bought a house AND had a baby....that all trumps getting to buy a new nikon, I can't apologize for that and lastly 4. I edit my pictures a certain way and sometimes you can't always see all the details of my outfit so well, this blog is more of my photojournalistic diary of what I'm up to because my friends and family read it and they like to know (and I love and miss them all dearly). That's it, please don't take this as me bashing the blogging community, there are so many wonderful people in it and I can't explain how much this little spit up covered blog has gotten and I really do appreciate it. I'm just me trying to figure out my new mommy style......and I'm going to keep doing me

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What2Add: Bows and Studs

top: h&m//dress worn as skirt: collective concepts (from several years ago)// shoes: sam edleman// bag: dsw// sunnies: target// earrings: the limited

I've had this peter pan collar top sitting in my closet and I finally figured out what2wear it with... i'm a firm believer that accessories make the outfit and when I put this ensemble on I stepped back and thought, man this could totally use some studs and a hair bow, what do you think? PS my husband totally caught me trying to sneak tofu and mushrooms into the fried rice I was making last night...epic failure on the trying to sneak in healthy foods for him!