Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I Would Wear- Milan Fashion Week, Day 1

top: tinley road (available here)// jacket: the limited (old, loving this one)// skirt: the limited (old, similar  dress version here)// gloves: similar here// shoes: shoemint (similar here)// bag & necklace: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman
Rain, rain go away come again another day.......actually don't because you are REALLY bringing me down! In order to beat the rainy day blues I chose to go with a lemon hued pleated skirt but toned it down with black and leather....I think the girls in Milan would be proud.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring Transition Pieces: White Blazer and Leather Jacket

I interupt the regularly scheduled "What I Would Wear" series with a little style guide for you guys. The weather these past couple of weeks is more wishy-washy than Taylor Swift's love life and its important to have a few key Spring transition pieces to get you through the season.

First, if you don't have a white blazer in your wardrobe.....GET ONE NOW. Stick with medium weight fabrics and a slightly oversize almost boyfriend shape to get the look. 

1. Toss it over a feminine dress to get a more unique and polished look 

2.  Master the black and white trend with an all black ensemble paired with a white topper

3. Pair the blazer with a skirt and oxfords for a play on masculine/feminine 

4. Try a new color pastel with metallic, a crisp white blazer pulls any combination together

Next, a black leather or faux leather jacket is a staple for anyone and everyone. If you want to get the most wear out of it stick with a simple silhouette and quality material....its important that if you get a faux leather that it still looks luxe. 

1. Be adventurous and try leather on leather, make sure the color scheme is paired down because the fabric should be the star 

2. Pull out those frilly summer dresses and top with the leather jacket, perfect juxtaposition between hard and soft

3. Pair with a loose blouse and printed skinnies for laid back chic

4. Toughen up a red and pink ensemble.....the black makes it more wearable

all photos by the amazing molly stillman who I've linked up with today for #yolo mondays 

Friday, February 22, 2013

What I Would Wear- London Fashion Week, Day 3

tee: old (loving this one )// coat: tobi (similar here)// pants: rag and bone (available here )// shoes: valentino (available here)// sunnies: prada (available here)// clutch: stylemint //beanie: similar here// jewels: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman

London just evokes my inner rocker chick....even though I'm not actually there! I have a dirty little you see me 3 days a week, but at least 2 of the other days a week I'm rocking these pants. I bought these Rag & Bone pants last August and it was one of the best purchases I have ever made because I have worn them literally 100 times! London style shots have been getting me pumped, what about you guys? Are you ready for Milan?!

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And in case you missed a look from this week :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I Would Wear- London Fashion Week, Day 2

sweater: stylemint (similar here)// skirt: graylee designs // jacket: the limited (similar here)// faux fur: the limited (similar here)// hat: vintage (similar here)// shoes: shoemint (similar here)// earrings: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman
You guys.....if you aren't tapping into the full potential of the maxis in your closet then DO IT NOW! Throw on a leather jacket or blazer and boom, instant unexpected but weather appropriate ensemble. I know it may seem like I'm trying to be all coy with my fedora but the wind was blowing so hard I was literally just trying to keep it from blowing away.....I look like I got some swag though right?!! London eat your heart out ;)

Monday, February 18, 2013

What I Would Wear- London Fashion Week, Day 1

top: le tote // blazer: vintage (similar here)// pants: theory (similar here) // trench: borrowed from mamadukes (similar here)// shoes: badgley mischka (similar here)// belt: banana republic (similar here)// sunnies: dolce & gabbana (similar here)// jewels: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman

Let me start by saying that I SERIOUSLY get excited for London fashion week....I don't know what it is but those London chicks have this undeniable coolness when it comes to their style that I just love. They make me want to take my eclectic style and run with it so that's what I'm doing!!!. I'm a little bummed that its so FREAKING cold and windy here because this Le Tote top is gorgeous and I wanted to show the back to yousss guys but my fingers were frozen stiff so it was all I could do to get that trench coat off....naturally I had to start the London series with a trench :) Stay warm skrillas

Linked up with Molly :) PS Happy Anniversary Molly and John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

What I Would Wear- New York Fashion Week, Day 3

jacket: forenza (available here ps its 40% off today!)// sweater: the limited (old, similar here)// pants: diy (similar here)// shoes: shoemint (loving these )// bag: stella & dot // sunnies: ray ban (available here)
photos by the amazing molly stillman

You guys, the more my style evolves the more my super annoying quirks tend to appear.....I have this "thing" about owning something that everyone else has and when I say "thing" I mean I LOATHE having an item of clothing that someone else does. There are certain basics that you run to the mall for that obviously tons of people have BUT I'm about done with all of the same CRAP floating around on the blogosphere these days. Lately I've been really into DIYing pretty much everything I own and seeking out unique vintage pieces that I know no one else will have. What you choose to clothe yourself in expresses to the world who you are....and I am NOT like anyone else so why would I want to dress like it? Sidenote- this was kind of brought on by the Prabal Gurung for Target collab.... I was absolutely blown away and in love with the collection but on principle I couldn't buy any of it because I knew it would be EVERYWHERE!!

PS I'm featured and linked up on The Mrs. & The Momma today so be sure to check that out!!!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What I Would Wear- New York Fashion Week, Day 2

jumpsuit: c/o castles couture// blazer: the limited (old, similar here)// shoes: calvin klein jeans (old, loving these)// clutch: kate spade (loving this one)// sunnies: kawaii kitsch by a // jewels: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman
Hello hello...let me start by saying what's more New York than a black jumpsuit right! I'm bummed that its been so cold because I really want to show you this jumpsuit and all of its gloriousness but believe you me when it gets warmer Ima be rocking the heck out of this!!! I'm actually pretty honored to be wearing this for my "What I Would Wear" to NYFW because its by a local designer in Wilmington, NC....if you get a chance (aka do it now) go check out Castles Couture....I just added like 5 new dresses to my wish list!!! Also pretty honored to be wearing these gorgeous sunnies from Kawaii Kitsch  these are seriously stunning in person. Anywhos, would you guys wear this to Fashion Week?!!!