Friday, August 31, 2012

The "Momiform" Diaries: Pattern Mixing

The "Momiform" Diaries: Pattern Mixing

This installment of "The 'Momiform' Diaries" is all about pattern mixing. I know this is a lot for some to handle but once you get the hang of it and you know what patterns to mix then you can turn that boring mom uniform into a serisously stylish but comfortable outfit.

The Shirt
top: bb dakota (this top is available online through urban outfitters ....but if you live in the triangle fab'rik has it $13 cheaper!!)
Start with the print on the shirt. If you feel more comfortable trying new things then don't be afraid to do a trendy print like this aztec blouse. If you aren't up for trying trends then stick to classics like stripes, polka dots and even subtle animal prints. (Note: prints that mix black and brown are genious for pattern mixing)
The Bottom
Shorts: Nicole Miller Indego Africa

Make sure that the pattern on the bottom is around the same size as the pattern on the top. Also, its important that the colors in both patterns "go" together but they don't have to match. I suggest starting with a top and shorts first so that the patterns don't overwhelm you, then you can move on to pants and such.
The Shoes
Shoes: Minnetonka Moccasins (avaiable pretty much everywhere these days but mine are from
As with all "momiforms" cute, comfy shoes are a these moccasins. But beware, I would only suggest moccasins when going for a tribal or western theme...if I see you out in them with an ill fitting t-shirt and mom jeans I will be seriously upset (does anyone remember when the 15 year old mall girls adopted that look?)
 The Finishing Touch
Necklace: Stella & Dot Lillith Fringe Necklace

To pull the look together an interesting statement necklace is the perfect touch...if you have time add some bangles and lipstick (but if you don't, which lets face it you probably won't, don't sweat it, you are a are pretty awesome already :) )

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Burgundy Blogging Bliss

outfit deets: top: stylemint // pants: target// hat: forever 21 (last year)// jewels: stella & dot

If you would have told me a year ago today (mind you I had just given birth to the doodle man) if I would wear a crop top, palazzo pants or burgundy lipstick I would have laughed and said ya crazy! But here I am in a crop top, palazzo pants and a burgundy pout. I have a love/hate relationship with the blogosphere, especially being a crazy, frazzled mom that wishes she had more time to get ready and was able to still rock stilletos every day, but I will say that I've never been more open to trying new things than I am right now....and for that I thank all of you out there that inspire me every day!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Watch Out September, I'm Coming For You

outfit deets: shirt: stylemint // kimono: fab'rik (old)// faux leather skirt: sparkle & fade (urban outfitters) // shoes: marc by marc jacobs (endless)// sunnies: ray ban// bag: louis vuitton// jewels: stella & dot
 Well folks after reading seven, yes I said seven, September issues I feel like I can take on fall!! This outfit kind of embodies a majority of my favorite falls trends all in one: hunter green, feathers, leather, burgundy (shoes & lips!), nail art and huge statement necklaces. I'm so excited to debut my new marc by marc jacobs mouse flats, don't they look like they are just chilaxing in the grass?! Anywhos, fall fashion....I'm ready....and I'm coming for you!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The "Momiform" Diaries: Back to Basics

"Momiform": Back to Basics
Hello party peeps, I'm excited to introduce a new series I'm doing called "The 'Momiform' Diaries". What's a "momiform" you ask, a mom uniform of course. Moms get such a bad rep for having notoriously unflattering style and if I have to single handedly change that then I will!!! The first part of the series is reworking the typical mom outfit, a t-shirt and we go...
The T-Shirt
The T-Shirt: Moms, please stop wearing sloppy t-shirts that are 4 sizes too big....its not helping anyone!! I understand the need for practical shirts (being a mom myself and all) so my solution is Stylemint, they have the perfect balance of comfort and chicness for a mom on the go!!

T: Stylemint-Mine is sold out but here is a similar style...and its on sale!!

The Jeans
The Jeans:  Man...who hasn't heard the term "mom jeans"? Come on ladies...this is a simple fix...find a cut that works for your body type and fits you properly so that you know you can just throw them on and go....and go with interesting washes and different colors, it takes it up a notch!

White skinnies- Urban Outfitters, available here

The Shoes
Shoes: Ick, I see it every day...the horribly unattractive but "comfy" mom footwear. I'm not saying that its easy to find super chic flats (I've spent months curating my fall shoe collection, which I will be showing on Monday!) and lord knows I miss my heels, but I promise if you put a little extra effort into picking stylish mom-approved footwear then it will pay off! My answer to almost everything is a chic loafer.

Loafers: Shoemint- available here
 The Finishing Touches
Accessories: I know you are in a hurry, jeesh my getting ready routine has been reduced to about 10 minutes...but to pull this look together I SERIOUSLY suggest adding a statement necklace and a chic, practical handbag. How long do those 2 things take to throw on..5 seconds...I don't want to hear any excuses!

Necklace, bag and bracelets: Stella & Dot all available here

Boom, done!
 And there you have it....wasn't that easy? Jeans and a t-shirt can be totally chic but still mom-appropriate. Now get excited for the next installment of "The 'Momifrom' Diaries"!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Dark Side

outfit deets: top: target// pants: rag & bone// shoes: sam edleman// hat: new york & co (old)// nekclace: stella & dot

Do you ever feel like tapping into your dark side? I know you guys may perceive me as having a pretty girly style but I actually love all things black and piles of eyeliner and dark ya know what....boom, this outfit just happened! I'm so excited to show you guys these new Rag & Bone pants because I'll be honest...I want to wear them every single day of the week. Its kind of hard to tell from the pictures but they look like leather in person and they have a ton of zippers and they make me want to actually show my dark stay tuned, my style discovery is about to take a dark twist....!

Stella & Dot Bambeleo Necklace available here

Rag & Bone RW9 available at

Monday, August 20, 2012

Getting Ready for NYC!!!

Guess who is going to the Independent Fashion Blogger's Conference in New York during Fashion Week.....THIS GIRL!! I have the best most supportive family, I just found out about the conference like a week ago (ok I'm so out of the loop all the time..) and my family rallied to make sure I get to go. Mammadukes is sending me as an early birthday present and although we couldn't get anyone in our family to watch the doodle man my sweet sweet husband is driving with me AND doodle up to New York. I am so blessed to have a family that supports my love (ok serious infatuation) with the fashion and blogging world. I figured I would give you guys a little sneak peek of some of my outfits for the trip....can you spot doodle passed out in the pile of clothes? Oh and to top it all off and get me pumped for the trip my husband surprised me with 120th Anniversary September Issue of doesn't get much better!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

TriFabb Launch Party at Fab'rik

outfit deets: dress: mystic (via fab'rik)// blazer: bb dakota// shoes: bag: louis vuitton// sunnies: target// jewelry: michael kors and stella & dot
Ok so I know that I've already done a post on how much I love fab'rik in Cameron Village...but after the TriFabb launch party last night at the fab'rik in Chapel Hill I could not be more in love!! Myself, Molly (the mastermind behind the event) and Mia had an awesome turnout with bloggers from all over the area. There is nothing better than being surrounded by girls that actually get you!!! And the gilrls that work at the boutique are aboslutely fabulous as well...I will definitely be going back to visit!! Anywhos, in the next week I'll give a little more info on our group and the ministry we worked with last night in case you would like to get involved!!