Friday, May 17, 2013

Change Up

dress: BCBG (old, loving this one) // shoes: shoemint  // sunnies: dolce & gabbana // jewels: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman // linked up with the MRS. & the MOMMA

Well skrillas, its been one insanely good week. Last weekend I went to a wedding that my husband was in (he makes for one adorable groomsman) and this was the dress I planned on wearing to the wedding but I switched into a new maxi that I just picked up and I'll be showing that next week. I ended up wearing this to a Mother's Day brunch at the country club and danggg if I didn't go back  4 different trips through the buffet! The week has led me to the beach and the pool and some seriously fun shopping excursions with doodle and tomorrow we are taking the boat out for the first time this season, I am STOKED!!!!! See ya'll on instagram with some more snipits of my life :))) @doodlesmom812



Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hubba for the Hubs

dress: le tote // blazer: vintage (similar here)// shoes: shoemint (similar here) // bracelet: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman // linked up with fashion and beauty finds

All I can say about this ensemble is, every now and then its nice to throw on a hot dress and some heels and drink some wine with your hubs on the couch after the baby is down :)

Monday, May 13, 2013


top: tinley road (available here) // shorts: stylemint (similar here) // shoes: shoemint (similar here) // sunnies: ray ban (available here) // bag & jewels: stella & dot
photos by the amazing Molly Stillman who im linked up with today / also linked up with style elixir

Happy Monday skrillas, I'm super tired from this weekend so I'll keep it short and sweet. Lately I've just been craving simplicity.....a leather tee, silk shorts and some chic flats were just the ticket here.....see ya laytas

Friday, May 10, 2013

Kickin' It

top: sylvia & luka // jeans: stylemint (similar here) // shoes: shoemint (similar here)// sunnies: prada (available here)// bag & jewels: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman  // linked up with the MRS. & the MOMMA
Ok all I'm going to say about this ensemble is that I feel like the 80's don't get enough credit for how awesome they really were (maybe that's because I'm an 80's baby) and I felt like kickin' it old school in some pastel acid wash motto leggings today. Let me then say that last week when I shared some intsagram photos of my life lately I kind of liked letting you guys see my life outside of outfit posts......soooo......I decided that on Friday's I'll be doing an outfit post AND my favorite insta-shots of the week. I like seeing what you guys are up to so I figured I would share some more of my life with you all. Happy Friday skrillas, I'm off to a wedding this weekend that the hubs is in and I cannot wait to see how beautiful the bride looks!

Hazelnut, tiramisu and biscotti gelato from my FAVORITE cafe

"Da-Daaa" and Doodle snuggled up watching some Mickey Mouse Club House

meeting a new (adorable) friend....Morgan from Stars, Stripes and a Military Life

Date night ensemble with the hubs

Adventures at the park with my sweet Doodle

one word: macarons!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Down the Runway

dress: vintage (loving this one)// shoes: calvin klein jeans (similar here) // sunnies: prada (available here)// earrings & bag: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman // linked up with style elixir and fashion and beauty finds
Since I was 3 years old I've been obsessed with all things fashion and style. Each runway season I swooned over the creations coming down the catwalk and dreamt about owning beautiful clothes, as I'm sure most of you reading this have done the same. After the Spring '13 collections I was so inspired by all of the mod prints and silhouettes the designers sent down the runway. But, like most people, I can't afford the creations I so admire, so I turn to vintage. There is something so exciting about finding a piece that looks like it came straight out of the current seasons! The print on this dress is what first caught my attention and to be honest I didn't even try it on....I just new I could make it work somehow. The length was a little too long on my petite frame so I tied the end in a knot to show a little leg. Lesson of the day: If you truly love a piece you can always make it work!!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

5 Ways to Play Catch-Up

Do you guys ever have one of those weeks where you feel like you just can't get ahead? That's pretty much every week for me but the norovirus sent me into oblivion last week and I'm still trying to catch up with everything going on, sooooo, I wanted to share with you guys some tricks I've learned to make it look like you are on top of your game......even if you are just trying to stay afloat :)

1. Caffeine- it might seem obvious but in all honesty it gives you just the jolt you need to feel human again.....I honestly can't form a sentence in the morning until I have a cup of joe!

2. Statement Jewels- When it comes to making an instant statement, let a few key pieces do the talking. Wearing fun, unique jewelry takes your outfit from "oh, that's cute" to "wow, she looks great!". For more statement jewels be sure to check out Stella & Dot!!

3. White Button Down- You guys, you need at least 3 white button downs/white shirts in your closet just as staples. When you have nothing else to wear they are the perfect piece to throw on in a bind and they have a non-chalant chic quality that can't be surpassed. I'm always on the hunt for ones with special details like sheer panels or a funky collar.

4. Bold Lip Color- When you are a busy girl with little time to do your makeup you would be shocked at how your look can be elevated with the right bold lip. I'm super fair with light hair and no matter how much sun I get (or the amount of bronzer I pile on) I still look washed out when I'm a bold lip color is a must. It might take some time to find the right shade for you but trust me, its worth it!!!

5. Printed Pants- Ok, anyone that knows me knows that printed pants have a fond place in my heart. They just take a simple pair of denim up a notch without even trying. Throw a pair on with your white shirt, statement jewels, bold lip color and sip down some caffeine and boom......good to go!!!!

top: free people (similar here)// jeans: madewell (similar here)// shoes: shoemint (similar here)// jewels: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman who I'm linked up with today

Friday, May 3, 2013

Life Lately

top: tulle // pants: vintage (loving these)// shoes: free people // vest: ivy & leo // bag: louis vuitton// jewels: stella & dot
all outfit photos by  the amazing molly stillman / linked up with the MRS. & the MOMMA

I've been feeling so blessed lately.  My days are made up of living, laughing and loving and I hope yours are the same......happy weekend skrillas :)