Monday, April 29, 2013

Funny Story

top: asos (available here)// pants: old, similar here// earrings: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman

So funny story.....I had hung up all of my outfits for our weekend getaway at the beach on my closet door and thrown a couple of things in my bag for the next week at my parents house.......then last Friday after we were 50 miles down the road I realized I had left all of my outfits still hanging on the closet door. The above picture is similar to the face I made whilst coming to this realization. So this outfit is what I put together with the miscellaneous items in my bag.....and I actually quite loved it! PS are we lurving these Stella & Dot lillith fringe earrings....I want to wear them with everything!

PPS I apologize my absence around here this week, our family is recovering from a stomach virus (yes, all of us) and I will get back to guys as soon as I can hold myself up again :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

In Love

jumpsuit: castles couture // hat: target (available here)// jewels: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman / linked up with the MRS. & the MOMMA

Ok skrillas not much to say today other than can I wear this jumpsuit with a big floppy hat like 'er day  and not be boring? I first showed you this jumpsuit back in January and wanted to show it again in all its full glory......its going to be really hard to not wear it for every single event I have coming up!!! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekend Getaway

tee: similar here// skirt: similar here // jewels & bags: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman / linked up with fashion and beauty finds

I don't know about you guys, but Spring marks the official start of travel season. My parents live at the beach and the hub's parents live in the mountains so we travel all over the state during the warmer months. What's the best way to travel in style you ask? Well for me its being organized....and matching pieces don't hurt! If you are in need of some travel upgrades be sure to check out the other patterns and colors for all of these Stella & Dot bags here. The "Getaway" is the perfect weekend bag but it also expands to fit a crazy amout of stuff so it could also just be a great luggage piece. The smaller "How Does She Do It" is the perfect carryall that snaps down into a satchel.....perfect for a vacation because you can use it as luggage and then as a purse at night! The "Hang On" is perfect for makeup and hair products and the "Bring It" jewelry case is GREAT for transporting your jewels. The smallest "Pouf" has become my go to piece for storing makeup and key items that I switch from my purse to the diaper bag (which I have also started using the "How Does She Do It" as a diaper bag!). Traveling in style is now at your fingertips with just one click :)
PS be sure to hop on over to Style Elixir where I'm being featured as this week's Head Stylist :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Clothes Hoarding

dress: asos (old, similar here)// shoes: shoemint (similar here)// sunnies: prada (similar here)// bag & jewels: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman who i'm linked up with today

Despite qualms from my husband, there is an upside to being a clothes hoarder. I can almost guarantee you that if you name an occasion....I have the ensemble to  accompany it. Black tie, done... dive bar, done....cocktail attire, done....mommy playgroup, done. So, with wedding season in full swing, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and wedding attire are required. I've had this dress since my bachelorette weekend and I wore it to a friend's bridal shower last weekend.  It felt like the perfect fit for a little rustic outdoor shower.  See all of you grumpy husband's out there.....we do it for a reason!!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013


dress: le tote// shoes: shoemint (similar here)// sunnies: kawaii kitsch// jewels: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman / linked up with the MRS. & the MOMMA

Shew what a week guys. I'm incredibly happy to be going on a mini vacay this weekend to a little inn on the water with the hubs to celebrate our "un-anniversary". What's that you ask? Well the hubs and I technically got married in July of 2011 but I was 8 months preggars so we waited 'til last April 21st for the big wedding ceremony. So we are celebrating that a year has gone by since that CRAZYYYY day and the fact that we get to start going and having fun at other people's weddings and not having any stress about flowers, cakes or music. Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

United We Stand

top (old, similar here)// jacket: the limited (old, similar here)// jorts: levi (available here)// shoes: 3.1 phillip lim (old, recent version here)// sunnies: kawaii kitsch// jewels: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman / linked up with fashion and beauty finds

Yesterday Doodle and I arrived at the park just as the staff was lowering the flag to half mast......nothing else to say but united we stand, divided we fall and my heart is with Boston. Figured it was the perfect time for some Levi cutoffs, what's more American than that :) 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Well Suited

top: beneton (old, loving this one)// jacket: cabi (similar here)// shorts: fab'rik (similar here)// shoes: marc by marc jacobs (old, similar here)// sunnies: prada (available here)
photos by the amazing molly stillman who I'm linked up with today/ also linked up with style elixir

I don't know what it is about a short suit that makes me feel so ladylike and put together yet edgy at the same time.... but dang if I don't lurve the outcome. I love finding pieces in my closet that can make up a short suit because separates are a mom's best friend. Thank you for all of the best wishes on date night, Sam and I had a wonderful weekend doing "couple" things like breakfast at our favorite cafe....watching a movie together (only 1 of us fell asleep!) and drinking on our back deck. PS doodle had an amazing weekend at his grandparents house helping them with their garden :) 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Date Night

dress: le tote // shoes: valentino (available here) // necklace and bag: stella & dot
photos by the amazing molly stillman

Hello friends, let me start by saying there are several rare things going on here......tonight the hubs and I have a date night at our favorite Italian restaurant (which happens every couple of months) also I'm wearing a little black dress. I know I'm one of the only people in the world that is not a big fan of the LBD but I'll be honest.... I usually find them boring. However, the laser cut detail on this one just spoke to me (and the fit spoke to the part of me that actually wanted to look attractive to my husband instead of my usual husband repelling ensembles). Paired with my rockstuds and a statement necklace and I'm all set for date night. PS Molly and I totally snuck onto private property to snag these pics.....rebels without a cause :) By the way are we loving the site design?!!!!!!!

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