Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What2Add: Summer It List Sale- Ends Today!!!

What kind of stylist would I be if I didn't inform you guys of an awesome Stella & Dot sale going on!!!! Here are some of my favorite pieces that could add a little pizazz into any wardrobe!!!! But the sale ends today so go ahead and order before its over!!!!!!! If you would like to place an order just click here and click on the Summer It List Sale!!!

The Stevie Necklace on sale for $53.40!!

The Sierra Necklace on sale for $88.80 (this metal bib necklace is insanely awesome on!)

The Pyramid Double Wrap Bracelet on sale for $41.30

The Serpent Bangle on sale for $34.30

Monday, July 30, 2012

What2Add: The Tempest/ Giveaway Winner

dress: stylemint// blazer: h&m// shoes: bcbg paris// jewelry: stella&dot

...Yea those of you that are my loyal followers are probably thinking whoa, Brooke is wearing heels, karaaazy, well that's because my in-laws were keeping doodle and I went to my parents house at the beach for a trunk show, so I got to get a little fancy......Anywhos, I'm super excited to show you guys the Tempest Necklace because I will be wearing it at least 3 times a week from now until...whenever! And, I spent the weekend watching  "sh*t fashion girls say (on the internet)" please look it up on youtube because it makes so much fun of fashion girls and bloggers (we deserve it) and I almost peed on myself with every video...literally...because little fashionistas... your bladder is just never the same after you have a baby, think about that at your next cocktail party bahahah!

And the winner of the Alexa Fringe Giveaway is.....Joyce @ A Joyful Outfits.....please email me your shipping info so I can get the necklace to you!!!!     monikabrooke@gmail.com

The Tempest Necklace available here

Tempest Necklace

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What2Wear: Leather Tap Shorts & Vintage Rosaries

top: h&m// cardigan: lulu ballou// shorts: american apparel// shoes: gucci//bag: louis vuitton// sunnies: target// jewelry: stella&dot

I am loving this outfit for all kinds of reasons. One being that I've had this floral cardigan since college and have only worn it once...I always feel like its a little too girly for me but when my new leather tap shorts arrived at my doorstep last week I thought....floral cardigan+leather shorts...BOOM done, perfect combo. Second...the Gitane Tassel Necklace that I'm rocking is modeled after a vintage rosary found in a Parisian flea mall and its all kind of unique and interesting....and I lurve it!!! I had lunch with my friend Kayla yesterday and I was happy to hear that she had succumed to the high-low skirt trend...warms my heart. PS I will announce the winner of the alexa fringe giveaway tomorrow!

You can purchase the Gitane Tassel Necklace here....and its also available in gold..yea, awesome!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Where2Shop: Fab'rik

dress: purchased at fab'rik// shoes: shoemint// sunnies: ray ban// jewels: stella&dot

So yes...outfit posts have not been on the top of my list for the past week but I did have to show the outfit I wore to a trunk show last week because... a mustard yellow peplum dress? Yes please! One of my favorite places to shop in Raleigh is fab'rik in Cameron Village, seriously, I can't go in that store and not start drooling. The last time I was in there the manager Amy, pictured above on the left, showed me this dress and I didn't think twice about getting it!!!! They hands down have the best selection in the area of irresistible clothing at insanely affordable prices and if you are ever in Raleighwood you need to check them out!!!!! PS the lovely lady in the middle of the pic above is Jena....a fellow fashionista with impeccable style!

Be sure to check out the fab'rik website because they have some killer online selections as well!!!!!

mustard safari

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What2Wear: Mom Brain

outfit 1: dress: french connection (old)// shoes: diy dolce vita//  sunnies: ray ban// bag; louis vuitton// jewelry: stella&dot
outfit 2: dress worn as top: french connection// shorts: tobi.com// shoes: diy dolce vita// jewelry: stella&dot

So you will have to forgive me if I'm not making any sense today because I'm dead tired and I have "mom brain." Everyone always talks about "pregnancy brain" when you forget literally everything because you have so much going on in your head....but ohhhhh no, no one ever tells you about "mom brain." If you think you have a lot going through your head when you are pregnant I don't know why it doesn't register that you will have 1,000 times more things racing through your brain when you actually have the baby, jeesh!!! No one ever warned me and now I feel like a cray-cray person on a daily basis....but I hope you all are having a loverly day!

PS don't forget to enter the Alexa Fringe Giveaway here!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What2Apply: Navigate Her

top & kimono: stylemint// jeans: target// shoes: diy// sunnies: target// jewels: stella&dot// baby: my own..bahaha

Ok so I know I'm always saying that I'm obsessed with things...but it's because I really am!!! And right now my obsession list includes: Essie nail color in "Navigate Her'....ahhh I love the name and the shade; doodle (always an obsession); style mint....over the past couple of months I have just been snatching up their items left and right; my new Olivia Bib Necklace and of course colored skinnies! Doodle was kind of obsessing over my floral print kimono....but only because he was kind of chilly!

Stella & Dot Olivia Bib Necklace available here