Friday, October 5, 2012

GrayLee Designs

my outfit deets: tee: stylemint // skirt: graylee designs // sunnies: prada// bag and jewels: stella & dot // watch: michael  kors
You guys, I am sooo excited to introduce you to GrayLee Designs! Not only is the designer the manager of fab'rik , my favorite store in Raleigh, she is also a trivia host at the best local pizza place AND she just so happens to be my friend! Meet Amy Gray......... She just debuted her first clothing line this past weekend and I could not be more excited for her!!! You can check out more of the items here but I just wanted to share my favorite pieces....the Arden Skirt and the Aida Pantsuit.

I was so excited to pick the Arden Skirt up yesterday because I was the 1st person to make a GrayLee purchase! I absolutely adore maxi skirts and when you throw in a peplum and cobalt blue....boom, done. I can't wait to throw it on with a leather top and fur vest when it gets cooler outside because I feel like there are so many ways to wear it.

And now a little bit about the line from the designer herself:

GrayLee is a ready-to-wear contemporary women's clothing line that is very comfortable to wear but, still structured and has that little edge that makes you feel trendy. You'll see a lot of dresses in this line as well as skirts and tops. I enjoy letting people feel confident in my clothes during many different occasions. I also try to have pieces that are easy to transition from one season to the other and may just need one or two pieces to add to it to change up the look. My color inspirations are also versatile and can be taken throughout the year. GrayLee is affordable and hopes to bring a smile to the faces of the people who wear it. 

*This is NOT a sponsored post, I just recognize talent when I see it and like sharing it with my readers :)


  1. oh my gosh thank you SO MUCH for sharing her stuff! i pretty much LOVE that arden skirt! it's gorgeous!

  2. That skirt is amazing! I love the whole outfit actually : )

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  6. Brooke you certainly chose well with Cobalt Blue, a massive en vogue colour this season! Love the combination with the star top! Great look! Zoe xxx

  7. Love that skirt! It's really, really cute!
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  8. Hi, just wanted to say that I really like your header! It's funny and cute and I hope to be a fashionable mum in some year's time, too. I also love the shirt with the stars a lot.

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  9. That skirt is gorgeous. I love it! :)

    - Victoria

  10. Lovely skirts!!

  11. This looks lovely darling, and your blog is fun! Keep up the good work, and check out my new post please !

  12. Everytime better it´s great to be back.

  13. Such a lovely post! the outfits are incredible!

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  15. so many great outfits. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I've got some exciting news on my blog involving my latest project with Giuliana Rancic. I'd love if you'd swing by. xo

  16. Classy.

    Best, Allaroundeve