Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tricking Mother Nature: 5 Tips on How to Look Chic in Rain

outfit deets: trench: the limited (old)// tee: stylemint// jeans: rag & bone// shoes: shoemint// bag & jewels: stella & dot

Over the years I have learned a lot from rainy days......don't wear a sundress during a downpour, suede loafers are a horrible shoe to tromp through mud puddles in and my favorite: don't try to look like you have your act together...mother nature and everyone else around you knows that you don't. Which leads me to my go-to rainy day outfit that has taken me some time to perfect. (Sidenote- although I was totally content with my outfit....my hair and makeup decided to declare war on me so they will be left to the imagination...)

1.Wear a jacket this is actually MEANT TO BE WORN IN THE RAIN.....I got this awesome trench from The Limited a couple of years ago and it was one of the smartest purchases I have ever made. If I didn't already own this one then I would totally buy this little number from Max Studio.

2. Next, wear a comfy but still stylish t-shirt, this Stylemint number definitely does the trick.

3. DO NOT wear a flouncy skirt or dress when its raining because 9 times out of 10 the wind is blowing during that rain storm and you will look like an idiot trying to hold your skirt down...trust me on this one, I've been that idiot way too many times :) A chic pair of  pants like some coated denim have enough edge to not be boring.....like this Rag & Bone pair.

4. I know Hunter rain boots are actually pretty cute and very practical in the rain....but I hate rain boots because I think they are really heavy and I can barely walk in them. I like wearing shoes that will keep my feet dry but still have an edge....like some tough booties like these from Shoemint.

5. Lastly, your accessories should  help your cause not hurt it....like a sleek leather cross-body bag so that you don't have to be finicking with your purse while trying not to loose your balance in your chic booties :) My pick is this beauty from Stella & Dot

Now throw your hair in a top knot and there you have it, the "what the hell do I wear on a rainy day" conundrum has been solved, you're welcome.


  1. Perfect rain look! Killer booties...have never seen these. Loving that Max Studio trench...I'm looking for a new black one and this one definitely is a winner! Great style and blog, girl :)


  2. You look super stylish for a rainy day. I love it!

    - Victoria

  3. So chic, yet rain appropriate. Love the booties. Dread going out in the rain.


  4. Perfection !! I am drooling over those booties ! And those skinny jeans are sooo flattering !! Great tips love !! xx

  5. Love this post!! Taking notes since it's supposed to rain this week!


  6. I agree w/ wearing booties in the rain. I hate having wet feet, and booties just look better than rain boots!

  7. Hi hun
    thanks a lot for your comment on my bog ! Thanks really nice
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    Would be lovely

  8. These are fantastic tips for rainy days. Living ina tropical country where it rains for half of the year, you would think I would follow some practical tips like these... Alas, sometimes I'm wearing dresses or skirts and I have one of those embarrasing moments with the wind like you say. Thanks again for the tips!